Thursday, 8 November 2012

David Cameron: Live At The Witch Trials (Continued)

David Cameron was visibly unsettled when Philip Schofield handed him a list of three [apparently six - FB] accused of involvement in the child abuse scandal during his appearance on This Morning, and he may come to regret his response. "There is a danger that this could turn into a witch-hunt, particularly against people who are gay," Cameron said. By suggesting that some on the list "are gay", the Prime Minister has inadvertently encouraged further speculation over their identity.
Earlier this week, Labour MP Susan Elan Jones asked the government to assure her that any member of the House of Lords found guilty of child abuse would be "stripped of their peerage" in what many saw as a deliberate hint of the identity of one of the alleged abusers. Theresa May has warned MPs that using parliamentary privilege to name any alleged child abusers could prejudice potential police investigations.

New Statesman blog

I loathe Cameron and all he represents, and though he's probably just trying to deflect attention away from the Tories with a faux liberal defence, he's onto something here.
Why has the focus now turned from Jimmy Savile and his pals to decades old rumours about alleged "famous" pederasts?
The witch hunt has already begun. 
Much of the allegations have a distinct Davd Icke woo-woo conspiracy theory ring.
Word to the wise: People like Tom Watson should avoid basing their-all on testimonies about public figures from any people whose stories seem increasingly fanciful, and easily disprovable, lest genuine cases about child abuse are not taken seriously in the future.
And the mainstream media shouldn't complain about the unregulated social media when they seem happy enough to pluck names off the internet and take that as "evidence".
Unless they're more interested in headline-grabbing than child welfare.
Just a thought.

Update: Further to Twitter talk today, Cameron was not saying gay men are paedophiles, this is getting things completely arse over tit.
Schofield sprung a list on him which - we can safely assume - contained only/mainly the names of gay men.
And the words "gay witch hunt" or "a witch hunt against gay men" are media fabrications that he did not say.
Watch the stupid video here

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