Thursday, 8 November 2012

David Cameron: The Other Witch Hunt

There are so many reasons to hate David Cameron - too many to list - so it is beyond depressing that so many people on the left are now getting agitated and animated about something that he didn't actually say and clearly didn't mean.*
And it is beyond irony that this has now turned into a witch hunt itself.
On This Morning, Philip Schofield admitted he had compiled a list of senior gay Tories implicated in a gay underage sex scandal after spending "three minutes" on the internet.
And this is serious research?
And good journalistic practice?
And Elvis Presley lives on the Moon?
"But I read it on the internet!"
If I post a lie about you does that make it true?
I have a feeling none of this might not hold up in an actual court of law - that's why we have police investigations and trials and things like that.
There has been an endless avalanche of banal, hysterical tweets today claiming all this shows that David Cameron is a secret homophobe who equates homosexuality with paedophilia.
He quite clearly didn't.
Though some people on Twitter seem rather over-obsessed with saying gay men aren't "paedos".
If anyone's tried to make that connection recently it's been Tom "Tinfoil Hat" Watson MP. 
A man whose vanity and love of conspiracy theories seems to have recently given him a rather cavalier disregard for actual facts, and a belief in fantasists.
Cameron also never used the phrase "gay witch hunt" or "a witch hunt against gay men" - these are media fabrications. 
Though it's obvious the men named/libelled here are mostly, if not all, gay.
So who's actually being homophobic and making that connection?
According to the internet, any gay - in or out - Tory MP was involved in some "secret paedophile ring".
Cause that's what gay men do, obvs - they all rape young boys...
If people are just interested in petty party political point scoring, and are so divorced from the real world and real peoples' actual struggles that they can waste time being pious and desperately trying to find homophobia where it doesn't exist, then it's no wonder the world is fucked.
Again, there are so many, many reasons to hate David Cameron, but this is clearly not one of them.
Forget this ridiculous sideshow, move on, and let's concentrate on getting "Dave" tried for class war crimes.

* It's obvious a wet liberal and noted gay hysteric like Patrick Smugtwit - a man who couldn't see a packet of Cheesy Puffs without crying "homophobia" - would get worked up about this, but Owen Jones really should know better.