Monday, 12 November 2012

Footyball News: "Sod Them!"

Former Manchester City midfielder Ian Bishop has admitted his playing career was blighted by rumours he was gay – and claimed it could have prevented him playing for England.
Rumours spread that Bishop was involved in a relationship with former City and West Ham player Trevor Morley.

Bishop, who now lives in America, hit out at the treatment he received at away grounds and revealed his belief that the rumours could have prevented him from representing his


“I’ve never known something so ridiculous in my life,” said Bishop.  
“It was never my story to tell. I got offered £60,000 from a newspaper to do a story.* I should have just made one up but it wasn’t my story. 
“We’d been on a night out with the wives so the rumours that his wife came home and caught me and him is totally atrocious. For 10 years, I got abused. ..

“Nothing against gay people. People are free to be what they want and there’s no issue. It didn’t hurt me to be called it, it hurt me because it affected my life.
“In a way, it could have affected my international prospects at the time. I just thought that if that’s the way they think, then I’m not bothered anymore.  
“If they weren’t giving me a chance to prove myself, then sod them..."

Manchester Evening News.

Full disclosure: I literally have no idea who this chappy is. 

* Justin Fashanu claimed The Sun paid him "a five-figure sum" to come out in 1990. 

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