Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Gaydar: A Gay Face For Radio

Radio 4's ever fascinating All In The Mind had a thing about gaydar tonight.
No, not the popular "gay dating site" (snigger), but the supposed ability to tell if someone's gay just by looking at them.
Some boffins are doing research on this at Queen Mary (double snigger) University of London.
And before you write in, "they are hoping that their research will challenge stereotypes and prejudice by increasing awareness of how quickly, and often inaccurately, people classify each other."
(They suggest homophobes may be more attuned to seeing such "signs"). 
You may see there was ever such a slight flaw in doing something on the radio that revolves around looking at peoples' faces and facial movements, but hey-ho.

Here's more about the QMU project - and details about how you can take part.


  1. I'll send the photo of you with a beard. x

    1. "Participants must be able to speak English fluently, and be free of facial hair and piercings (excluding ear studs) on the day of recording." :(