Monday, 5 November 2012

Invisible Parents: This Isn't Just Any Family...

A "viral video" promoting legal recognition of gay parenting and adoption rights in the EU.
Good for them for doing this, lots of folk love this sort of heartstring plucking, and I don't think it's aimed at people like me.
I kept expecting the voiceover to say; "This isn't just any family... this is an M&S gay family", and thought it was as sentimental and mawkish as a John Lewis Christmas ad.

Also interesting that the two dads' child is a girl.
This invariably seems to be the case in representations of gay male parents in popular culture - from Jenny Lives With Eric And Martin to Modern Family.
Why not a boy? Is that a bit "suspect" and "icky"? Were they worried it might send out the wrong viral message?
Cause you know what they say about gay men, right?
Surely gay men who raise boys are the real "invisible parents"?

Gay couples can legally adopt in Argentina, Belgium*, Brazil, Canada, Denmark*, Iceland, The Netherlands*, Norway, Portugal*, South Africa, Spain*, Sweden*, and The UK* (France* has just introduced a bill to legalise gay marriage and adoption).

* EU member states - 7 out of 27.

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