Sunday, 11 November 2012

IoS Pink List 2012: Fatuous Thought For The Day

We said when we published The IoS Pink List last week that we hoped it would surprise, amuse, inspire or challenge you. Well, it did that! Plunging into social media on Sunday was to overhear a huge debate about what was great and what was wrong with the list. You didn't hold back...

If one school bully is influenced by discovering that someone they've grown to know and admire is gay or transgender, we say that the list has succeeded.

Katy Guest in The Independent On Sunday.

So how does this work exactly?
A homophobic bully, while perusing his Independent On Sunday Pink List, discovers that Alan Carr, of all people, is A Big Gay.
"This is a bombshell! I must change my ways forthwith..."
Oh, I despair.

* Code for everyone thought it was shit.

And here's a letter to the editor published today...

The much-maligned Pink List returns, like the gay community's least-favourite stepchild (4 November). It's not the content which irks – if Nicola Adams is pleased to be perched atop the list, I'm happy for her – it's the way the list is presented. We've no idea how the list of random people, sharing only a sexual predilection, was drawn up. Show us your motivations, calculations and deliberations. Don't just bark that it's important; tell me "how" and "why".

The Guyliner (blogger)

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