Saturday, 17 November 2012

James Bond: The Spy Who Mark Loves

Divorced parent Sundays were now marked by 007 pursuits. James Bond posters covered my bedroom and for the first time Dad thought I was interested in a hot-blooded male pursuit. There had been an inkling that the young Smurfette's non-rugby and non-blokey leanings might signpost a non-heterosexual future. Correctly. But my adolescent closet was papered shut with posters of Special Agent 007 and assorted Bond girl legs and thighs. A gay Catholic boy and 007 are not natural bedfellows...

Mark O'Connell writing in The Guardian today.
Mark is the author of Catching Bullets - about growing up as a (gay) James Bond fan.
Though I've never been interested in 007, I find gay mens' obsessions - both the ones that we share and these more idiosyncratic ones - endlessly fascinating. 
He tweets about Bond and his (much-praised) book here
And here's a recent interview with Out magazine that discusses ver gay stuff.
By a nice piece of synchronicity/serendipity, Catching Bullets has been published at the time of a tiny storm in a martini glass about James Bond's sexuality in Skyfall and beyond.
Obviously, you couldn't have a British secret agent who's gay - the very idea's preposterous!

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