Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Louis Walsh: False

I've rewritten this as I thought my initial post was making light of a serious story, and an awful flaunting of journalistic standards.
(Though regular viewers may think Fagburn has a habit of making crap gags about terrible things).
As I've said before, I think several papers took a rather perverse delight in running this story as it was an underhand way of outing Louis Walsh.  
I'm glad this was the outcome.
But would anyone else have got the same amount of damages if they weren't a millionaire on the tellybox?


  1. AFAIK he's never claimed to be heterosexual

  2. I'd love to know just how the other fella got bruised goolies...

  3. Apparently libel awards in the Republic of Ireland are very high. He might have achieved a higher sum if he hadn't settled out of court.