Saturday, 17 November 2012

Louis Walsh: Trial By Tabloid

"People knew it was untrue, but they still put it on the front page. They tried to ruin me. They are just vile people. Nasty people. The funny thing is they have an anti-bullying campaign in the Irish Sun at the moment. It's the most ironic thing.
"You know the real story. It ruined me. I'll never get over it, I'll be quite honest with you. I'm wary of everyone now, of everything I say, everyone I meet, always looking over my shoulder – I was never like this before. It was the worst thing that happened to me. All I have in this business is my name, and I would have lost everything. People would have said there's no smoke without fire."

Louis Walsh interviewed by Simon Hattenstone for The Guardian, talking about being accused of molesting a man in a toilet last year.
Yet another false allegation of sexual assault made against a public figure.
Walsh is currently suing The Irish Sun.
Hattenstone also asked the question no-one ever does.

Walsh is open about everything but his private life. It's not that he's uptight about it, there's just something rather old-fashioned about him. I ask if he's gay. Ach, who cares, he says. "My sexuality is irrelevant. Next question."

Though several tabloids appeared to give the "gay sex attack claims" story so much prominence as it was an underhand way of outing Louis Walsh.
You may also want to compare and contrast the tabloids' current outrage over "trial by Twitter", with this example of trial by tabloids.


  1. Surely Walsh has always known exactly how the tabloids work and what motivates them?
    Hasn't Simon Cowell built a career on the complicity of the tabloids? As suggested by that old Louis Theroux Max Clifford documentary he was always in cohorts with the tabloids to build a false image and the whole business they're in supports the homophobia of the tabloids to feed on the publicity. Or did until very recently.
    I find it hard to believe that Louis Walsh wasn't entirely aware of all the vile elements of the tabloid mentality that no doubt lead to him becoming a target.


    1. PS I was interviewed several years ago by an Irish journalist who'd been commissioned to write a biography of Walsh.
      Strangely, it was not published in the end...

  2. Trial by Twitter. Is Sally Bercow guilty or innocent?

  3. It would be beyond irony for me to judge her innocent or guilty, but the tweet she got in trouble over seemed neutral to me.