Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Marriage: The Other Boy George Says...

It is astonishing that Mr Romney won the election among men by a clear-cut margin of 7 per cent; but it was Mr Obama’s 11 per cent lead among women that won it for the President, even though many of those that voted Democrat thought Mr Romney would manage the economy better. President Obama’s high-profile endorsement of equal marriage for gay couples also enthused younger voters. But polls found that a majority of all Americans supported him on the issue and voted for it in all four states that held ballots.

I should declare my personal position on these social issues: I wouldn’t change the current abortion laws and I strongly support gay marriage on principle. Of course in Britain these issues are ones of individual conscience and free votes, but I am proud to be part of a Government that will introduce a Bill to allow gay marriage. It is worth reflecting that in Britain, as in America, a clear majority of the public support gay marriage, and an even bigger majority of women support it. That majority support is just as high in the North as it is the South, and it is equally high among all socio-economic groups.

Successful political parties reflect the modern societies they aspire to lead. As Margaret Thatcher said in the first sentence of her introduction to the 1979 Conservative Election manifesto: “The heart of politics is not political theory, it is people and how they want to live their lives. 

George Osborne writing in The Times

Almost certainly the first time anyone has invoked Margaret Thatcher to support gay marriage.
Although this article is presented as being "In praise of Obama", it's more about how the Conservatives should learn from Romney's defeat.
Though unbelievably cynical, it's a victory of sorts that homophobia is now a vote-loser.
Further, when a senior politician goes public in support of or against a policy that's "controversial" within their own party, it's often a covert attack on a colleague.
Just putting that thought out there...

Update: Predictably critical - and lie-packed - editorial in the serial gay marriage-bashing Telegraph.


  1. And we all know how mad Thatcher was.

    Obama had to win faced with a rabid pro religious wealthy fuckwit [ irrespective of the economy ].

    Do you agree on Gary Otten's[?] remark that Scotland were only pro gay marriage and equal rights to look good in the eyes of the world? [ how I read it ] And 'Westminster/the establishment/the tories' couldn't even reach that level/give a shit?
    Nothing to do with the 'usual' party politics...

    1. Do you remember where/when the Otton piece was?
      I suppose the SNP/Salmond are aware of the PR angle, to EU countries at least, but isn't it also one of the few high-profile issues, like tuition fees and prescription charges, the Scottish parliament and flex its muscles over?

  2. "he heart of politics is not political theory, it is people and how they want to live their lives."
    I'm pretty sure that line was lifted straight from A. Hitler.