Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Old School: Change

This was sent last Wednesday - about Stonewall's ask to ask your old school about anti-gay bullying but got lost in the ether - so just got a re-send.
Made me cry about how much has changed...

PS As ever, click to enlarge.


  1. That is really, very touching. Thank God (or whoever) that things are changing slowly but surely.

  2. Well done Rich. Amersham - a bastion of conservative values.

    Now that is what I call truly opening the doors to new ideas and resounding support of your work.


  3. You are going to do the gig, aren't you?

  4. This isn't meant to discourage as I do think you should do it, both for the good of the pupils and for your own "closure" maybe, plus I think it may do you good all round.

    But I quite literally can't think of anything worse than going back to my old school, to talk or anything else.

  5. I went and had a look round with my mum last year.

    The oddest thing was how school's are like fortresses now - thought we could just stroll in, but there's only one way anyone can get in, had to sign in, explain I used to go there, wait for some computer check (!), and get chaperoned around by a member of staff!