Monday, 12 November 2012

Out On The Street: Wall Street, That Is

Mission statement:

Out on the Street™ brings together senior leaders at the Director-level or higher, from the Wall Street community and select allied industries, with the goals of:
  • Creating a senior network of LGBT leaders on the Street
  • Creating opportunities for business development, as well as deepening current client relationships through LGBT connections
  • Leveraging straight allies within the organizations
  • Helping their companies attract, retain and develop LGBT employees
  • Improving the perception of Wall Street in the LGBT community and on campus
This sinister self-styled LGBT-friendly Bilderberg group meets in London tomorrow - "invitation-only", natch.
There's a puff-piece in the Daily Telegraph today - plus an interview with Lord Browne.
Funny, they're not normally this enthusiastic about gay events...

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