Thursday, 8 November 2012

President Obama: Was It The Gays Wot Won It?

A cartoon from the Daily Telegraph - of all papers - revisits an all ready well-worn riff after Mitt Romney's defeat.
The slogans read; 'Go Obama!' 'Gays for Obama', and 'Gracias Obama' [click to enlarge etc].
Viz: The Republican party has alienated minorities who are now the majority, they must "modernise", and stop demonising "them" and start pretending to be nice, or risk dying on the vine.
Like what that David Cameron is doing in merry olde England.
To see how cynical and exploitative this is, read the Tory deputy chairman, Lord Ashcroft's "research" into why ethnic minorities don't like and don't vote for the Conservative party.
"This problem is costing it seats."
And here's Ashcroft in August arguing dropping gay marriage now would be a vote looser
That's how they see us - ballot fodder.

PS Some are citing a "survey" claiming 90% of The Gays voted for Obama (versus 6% for Romney). While the general trend is clearly true, this is extrapolated from a "panel" of a gay marketing group, CMI, so it's probably as reliable as any survey about The Gays by a gay marketing group, ie not at all fucking reliable.  

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