Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Private Eye: Watching You

The Eye took a momentary, cursory glance around the internet last week, and in around three minutes discovered the following claims about Phillip Schofield, presenter of ITV's This Morning.
Among other things it is claimed that he is "gay but does not admit it and hides it behind a marriage and 2 kids", had been seen kissing Jason Donvan by "a guy who worked in the entertainment industry in the 80s", is having sex with his sister-in-law, goes dogging, has a superinjunction, is getting divorced and is the subject of "a thick file full of dirt" at The Sun, although the newspaper "aren't using it for whatever reason."
None of this is true. But surely we should have an inquiry into the claims anyway?

Private Eye.

The new issue has - as ever - got much excellent stuff on this and the avalanche of nonsense and hypocrisy it unleashed.

Update: ITV disciplines This Morning, Ofcom to investigate


  1. This was one of the first groups on facebook, so far as I'm aware, all those years ago:

    "I saw Philip Schofield shitting in a bag of crisps by the M1"

  2. Know someone in the industry. Definitly had a fling with Donovan