Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Radio Soulwax: Dave

Reminded me why I love Dame David.
And why I love Soulwax.


PS Positively gripping interview I did with the lovely David from Soulwax in 2005 posted below.
"This record makes Erasure seem like Oasis - it oozes gayness..."


  1. And how are we today?
    I am tired. My shower is broken so I am a bit pissed off.

    Can you describe your sound, please?

    Do you have a day job?
    Nope, never have. My brother [Soulwax’s Stephen Dwaele] used to direct videos though.

    Do people ever ask how you met?
    It hasn’t happened in years. I blame the internet.

    Was your rock group, Soulwax, the chicken and 2 Many DJs the egg?
    Yes, very much so. But now there is also Nite Versions and the production side and time wise it is all one big omelette.

    Do you ever get 2 Many DJs fans coming to see Soulwax and standing there going “What the fuck?!”?
    I think more the reverse, but I’m not really sure. Luckily fans on both ends are polite enough to not express it in a booing or shouting manner. Then again, it seems like people are getting used to confusion when it comes to defining us.

    What was the first club you ever went to?
    It was a club called Bar Americain on the Kuiperskaai in my hometown, Gent, in Belgium. Very little has changed in Gent nightlife, come to think of it - apart from the actual clubs, of course. I mean the people are all the same. My first gay club experience was one where our friend Erol Alkan took us to a venue in Kings Cross a few years ago where he’d used to DJ at an indie night. But on a Friday night it was a club called Popstarz. The thing that struck me was the sense of organization there. Like a well-oiled machine.

    Who are your favourite Belgian artists?
    Jacques Brel, Arne Sierens, Marcel Duchamp, Frank Dewulf, Millionaire.

    Were you ever into Earbleed Belgian Techno?
    I have only been getting into it recently. It’s surprising how non-earbleeding it really is. Times change, I guess.

    How did you first get into DJ-ing?
    My brother had been doing it for a while and one day he asked me to join him while playing a party in Gent. How is that for an anti-climax?

    Your dad was a DJ. Did he give you any tips?
    Other than just play the music you like, no.

    What sort of stuff did he play?
    I remember him playing Grace Jones, Led Zeppelin, Human League, CCR, Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, Bowie, ZZ Top, Laidback. This was pre-eclecticism. It used to be called “good taste”.

    Was this the sort of stuff you liked?
    I was about five at the time. I was listening to the Stray Cats. They looked great and our dad had given us a Stray Cats promo haircomb made out of iron. I kept it in my back pocket and it was too big...

    [Cont etc]

    1. How did the 2 Many DJs style come about? Playing the best bit of your favourite records, then quickly going into something else – I’ve got to ask if you were doing lots of speed…
      Or are you just big Jive Bunny fans?
      I think possibly the fact that we don’t do drugs, combined with Attention Deficit Disorder is to blame for that. We just get bored after a little while, and it’s sort of how people like Grandmaster Flash mixed - repeating the best bits of a record regardless of what style it is. Nothing new really.

      What’s the best record to start the night?
      Higher State of Consciousness by Josh Wink, but then you’d have to stop right away, as well.

      At MVC in Brighton they have almost complete runs of your As Heard On Radio Soulwax and Hang All DJs mix albums. They all have “For promotional use only – not for sale” written on the back. Is it okay to take these without paying for them?
      I urge you to steal them. We have NOTHING to do with the production and resale of these, and whoever is selling them is making a fortune. They might be for promotional use, but not to promote anything we make any money off. Just download them off the internet, that’s where they lived for years before someone decided to sell them.

      What was the last record you actually paid money for?
      You have no idea how much money we spend on records, we single-handedly keep the Belgian music industry alive.

      What was the first record you bought?
      Rat Rapping by Roland Rat

      Who gets more nook, rock stars or DJs?
      I think tennis players.

      Which clubs do you go to when you’re not playing?
      I can’t really stand being in clubs anymore, but I do love Trash, because its really different.

      Lastly, can you persuade us to go out and buy a copy of Nite Versions, please?
      This record makes Erasure seem like Oasis - it oozes gayness.