Thursday, 15 November 2012

Uganda: An Open Letter From Ugandan LGBT Coalition

Dear partners, friends and colleagues,

We thank you for all the support you have a accorded the Coalition since the tabling of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in 2009, and we look forward to your continued collaboration in the struggle to see this bill dismissed once and for all.
In response to the recent claims made by the Hon Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament that she would see the Anti-Homosexuality Bill passed before this year comes to a close, we urge you to adhere to the following Action Alert Guidelines and to always seek clarification where there is a difference of opinion on tactics or where there is confusion or need for further information...

We urge that you do NOT: 

1. DO NOT Put out any public press statements on the Bill for now. But you can express your opinion if asked about the Bill. However this opinion must be candid and practical without being ‘insulting’. 

2.  DO NOT Make strong public statements threatening to cut aid or in support of such threats in response to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, as this can lead to scape-goating of the LGBTI community as well as Human Rights Defenders working with LGBTI rights and whip up sentiments for the Bill. 

Please note; We would like Ugandans to take charge of this campaign for now.

Uganda LGBT Coalition.

Got that?
Westerners calls to cut aid etc could actually do real harm.
And you'd just be giving the bigots more ammunition to maintain the pretense they're resisting Western "decadence" and neo-colonialism. 

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