Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Attention The Gays!: Fagburn's Career Advice

1. Waiting (minimum wage, but with tips!)
2. Cabin crew (as above - no tips, but you can get duty free booze and fags).
3. Something pointless in the media (as above, but you get free stuff).
4. Minimum wage care work!
5. Chat show host.
6. Fashion (restocking the shelves at H&M for minimum wage).
7. The theatre, darling (minimum wage, but you might see Alan Bennett walk past).
8. Work for a wonderful gay company who treat you so badly you'll have a nervous breakdown.
9. Diving.
10. Serial killing.


PS Strange how there is a myth of a gay bourgeoisie - and that we're all rich - perpetuated by the Christian right (well it worked so well against the Jews in Nazi Germany), people who want companies to think The Gays are a bountiful big market waiting to be plucked, and upper class twits like Mark Simpson. 
We are not.
But fuck facts, yeah.
It's money that matters.
Oh, for a queer class war.

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