Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Evan Davis: My Struggle

The BBC broadcaster Evan Davis has revealed that he was “tortured” by the discovery that he was homosexual and advises young people to adopt a “casual” approach if they choose to “come out” as gay.

In an interview with the website RUComingOut, the Radio 4 Today programme presenter speaks about his teenage struggle to come to terms with his sexuality...

The Independent. 

Only two sentences in and I'm not sure where to start.
Why foreground Evan once feeling "tortured" when he says he's spent most of his life being the exact opposite?
Why are they using the word "homosexual"?
Is this a late Victorian medical text book, or maybe the Daily Telegraph?
Why is "come out" in inverted commas?
Does it not really happen?
Later on we read George Michael "confessed his sexuality".
Like it's a sin.
God doesn't exist but God, I hate The Independent.
Why does all their gay stuff - which is not much and completely random - read like it's written by a straight posh clueless intern who's been told to re-write a press release?
Maybe because it is?
Moreover and more generally, every day in every way it's turning into the Daily Mail. 
Is this the best you can do?


  1. Thank you for reading that story, so the rest of us don't have to. I wonder if in private Evan refers to himself as a homosexual, it's a word he frequently uses on radio 4.
    Do our straight posh clueless interns have the right role models?

  2. Does he use the h-word on the wireless?
    Sort of thing that makes me fire off angry emails to Feedback.
    Such is my lack of a life...