Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Independent: Rubbish!

Er... why? Birmingham council wheelie bin survey asks: Are you gay, straight or bisexual?

The horror! The horror!
The Independent further cements its reputation as having the most piss-poor gay coverage of any broadsheet by running this nonsense non-story.
The questions are standard for councils wanting to know how they're serving all residents, they included stuff unrelated to sexuality, and it was quite clear you didn't have to fill them in - it was also online, so cost next to zero.
I'm sure most people ignored it - so what's the story?
The only person who seems bothered about it is Eric Pickles - who admittedly might find being asked if he's straight or gay a bit awkward.
Can we leave this hysterical "It's political correctness gone mad!" crap to the Daily Mail?

PS Yes, the "hilarious" cartoon above comes from the Mail.

Update: Perhaps predictably Ann Widdecombe waded in to the non-debate in her Express column, No Sex Please, Just Empty My Bins.
How sad The Indie has the same take on all this as Widdecombe.  

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