Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mail On Sunday: Some Day My Prince Will Come

Apologies. This happened when I was taking a mini-break in the Slough of Despond, and it wasn't until I read Street Of Shame in the new Private Eye that I realised the Mail On Sunday had put it on their front page.
Its prominence, the Eye suggests, may have a lot to do with the divine feud between homophobic shitbag Daily Mail editor, Paul Dacre, and "his upstart rival at the Mail On Sunday, Geordie Grieg".

"Knowing Dacre's squeamishness about homosexuality, Geordie led with with the news that Prince Harry had 'bravely rescued' a gay soldier from homophobic colleagues. An accompanying editorial praised Harry for 'affirming a new more enlightened code' - unlike 'certain traditional conservative institutions' that had too often failed 'to guard vulnerable minorities from cruelty insults and bullying'. Traditional institutions such as the Daily Mail? Of course." 

This got much coverage in the media worldwide - it's the kind of gay story even right-wing papers can get behind; 'Gay men serving in the military', alongside 'gay men who want to get married', are the twin pillars of acceptable heteronormative "good gays".* 
But this is more about our wonderful British royals, and "our brave boys" in Afghanistan etc etc.
Prince Harry is the real hero here - the gay man appears as a damsel in distress.
I don't want to comment on it any further - though it's odd that you can't comment after the Mail On Sunday article; "Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons".
But if you're interested in reading more, it's taken from Out In The Army: My Life As A Gay Soldier by James Wharton, published by Biteback, the right-wing publishing house run by leading gay Tory blogger Iain Dale.
Something of a dream title for them, I guess.

* James Wharton, pictured in uniform and with his boyfriend, was also the cover star of Attitude's gay marriage issue last year. A double whammy.

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