Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bradley Manning: Later Dude!

Gay 25-year-old US army private Bradley Manning stood trial for supposedly aiding the enemy by passing classified information to Wikileaks, including several hundred thousand pages of army reports, diplomatic cables and information that detailed the killing of civilians by American soldiers. His verdict is expected today.
The trial, which ended last week, was marked by government intimidation of the media and comes after Manning spent almost a year in solitary confinement in Quantico, Virginia, prompting international outrage.
One of the interesting factors is that two of the largest and most well funded LGBT rights groups in the US have stayed quiet about Manning, his reprehensible treatment in custody and his trial. Why has Manning, whose revelations about the US Army's actions epitomize social justice in action, gotten the cold shoulder from the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD (formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)? The silence of these groups has been deafening...

Christopher Carbone writing on Guardian Online.

Umm, yeah, kinda, I guess... but although Bradley's gay, and his sexuality is germane to this story, his trial is not really "a gay issue" (though all gay men should be concerned about it, as should anyone), so I'm not sure why you think a group like GLAAD - who basically just run a big talent contest for The Gays on TV and fillum - should have got involved, and the piece - though making some valid, albeit unconnected points about gay campaign groups in the States - just reads like faux-radical posturing.
What's more worrying is how the gay media ignored him for so long.

PS The judge is expected to announce the guilty verdict at about 6pm Britisher time - live updates on Firedoglake.

Update: Guilty - but charges of aiding the enemy were ditched.
But seeing as Brad's still likely to get 136 years in prison - you do the math/s etc etc - this is kind of meaningless.
Sorry Bradley, if it means anything.
And death to the AmeriKKKan military-industrial complex and all your secrets and lies!

(That told 'em).


  1. The judge is expected to announce the guilty verdict at about 6pm Britisher time...

    The judge's whole approach/attitude does remind me of the Peter Cook biased judge performance.

    "You will soon retire - as indeed should I - to reach your verdict of guilty..."

  2. Bradley Manning is a hero and let's hope he's not the last but no doubt they'll jail him for 600 years to set an example - doesn't it make you proud of our democratic values ?

  3. You don't like "faux-radical posturing"? Hmmm/snort ....

    In his one BTL comment Carbonara says it's "intersectionality". Must mean something in Brooklyn ...

  4. Maybe a sub buggered his line?