Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Equal Marriage: Thanks!

There's just one person Fagburn would like to say thank you to today - me.
Thanks again, me!

PS Oops! Almost forgot - I've just sent a painfully insincere tweet thanking all the little people like YOU (for helping me)!

• And remember, if you're not married and/or poor Cameron's compassionate Conservatives still really don't care about you - Call to get tougher still on teenage single mothers in benefit crackdown.


  1. Is this about anybody in particular?

  2. I think that it's an ironic jab at Stonewall who were late to the marriage equality party and who are now claiming victory.

    1. It's not about Stonewall - I thought the illustration might make people think that - might change it...

  3. It's only fair for Fagburn to thank himself cos almost everyone else is thanking Stonewall. They were actually against equal marriage until three years ago.

    Well done Fagburn! You keep congratulating yourself cos you're the one who made it all possible.

  4. I think like Carly Simon I'll never reveal who this was about, so anyone who is "so vain" will think it's about them...

  5. Stonewall = Ben Summerskill
    Ben Summerskill = Stonewall

    kdd's comment was spot on

  6. I'll never reveal who this was about, so anyone who is "so vain" will think it's about them...

    .... then Fagburn is bound to think it was about himself.

  7. I saw his tweets just after the bill passed (or whatever the bill did) and it's so true.
    "Thanks for helping US win #marriageequality now donate to US HERE!!" etc.
    The thing is, there is a kind of logic behind his self-promotion, from his point of view' ie. you don't promote yourself you don't get the publicity or doshka and you need both to continue doing the human rights, so erm yeah...

  8. This assimilation is starting to get fucking out of hand! Fuck you and marriage equality!