Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fagburn: An Apology

The "news" isn't very interesting at the moment - sorry.
It's silly season and there's just loads and loads of filler, like endless pointless lists.
Hard to know what was more important today, Justin Bieber pees in bucket or "famous" chimpanzee dies.
Ann Widdecombe says - and I quote; "Time to fight this tidal wave of filth".
And in other news, the weather's hot, and someone's about to have a baby.
Maybe Fagburn will take a break, lest he gets bored to death.
Why don't you just turn off your computer and go and do something less boring instead?

PS You can see my flat in the above. Just about.

PPS That's not me on top the crane thing. It's someone from Storror - a new craze among lads in Brighton, I learn. Think of it as bug-chasing for straights. Hopefully Gemma Aldridge will do an expose.

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