Friday, 26 July 2013

Porn Wars: A Tidal Wave Of Filth

Hilariously hysterical article in the Daily Mail by Jan Moir.

Why DO the Left sneer at Cameron's bid to block porn?
Well, I am on Cameron's side. As he said himself, it is not going to be easy. Mistakes will be made, problems abound - but we have got to start somewhere.
How on earth did it happen that a river of pornography merrily flows into every house in the country via a laptop? When did hard core become so . . . normalised? I didn't sign up to a national porn programme. Did you? 
Yet porn seepage has crept up on all of us - a rising flood water of vile and violent imagery that seemed unstoppable, until now....

Sadly, I can't think of one commentator from the left who's spoken out about this nonsense.
The Guardian - the supposed voice of the liberal left - has printed endless boring joyless prudish articles against "pornification".
Including this classic where readers who were concerned about "sexualised images in the high street" were asked to take photos and send them in - so The Guardian could reprint them.
You really could not make it up.
Ban wanking!

Update: Adults shouldn't be lectured about private enjoyment of porn, says Tory minister, Nicholas Boles, Telegraph.

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  1. I like the way she says porn "seepage has crept up on all of us", as though hardcore porn appears on your computer without you actively searching for it.
    You're searching for a new pair of trousers and BAM! three dudes are fucking bareback and shooting their cums all over your fucking computer screen!!!