Saturday, 27 July 2013

Independent: Stop The Press!

Two gay men have got engaged!!!
And they know Nick Clegg!
Only The Independent could think this is newsworthy.


  1. I don't know, people have the right to do as they wish but all this aping of heterosexual marriage traditions by gay people is a bit distasteful: getting engaged, asking for hand in marriage, a church (CHURCH?! Isn't this where marriage is about men and women and procreation and all that?) Why not go the whole hog and wear a white dress? Perhaps bridesmaids, too. Perhaps one of you will be given away? Will you be blushing like an 18-year-old female?

    For goodness sake, guys, get your legal rights sorted same as a straight couple do. I understand that and respect that you want validation on that front. One of you dies, other clobbered with inheritance tax because you couldn't get married. Fair enough.

    But you're MEN for Chrissakes. Gay men but essentially MEN. Stop acting like a bunch of hormonal teenage girls.

  2. "Only The Independent could think this is newsworthy."

    It's good to have at least one supportive newspaper in Britain!

    1. The Indie's gay coverage is patchy and random - The Guardian's is far better, so is The Times' these days...