Thursday, 25 July 2013

Marriage: Call Me Old-Fashioned

Of course there is still work to be done. I am a firm believer that attitudes change laws and laws change attitudes. There is no doubt that as the debates raged in the Commons and the Lords those who were against Equal Marriage were slowly and painfully drowning. They could appear as nothing less than mean spirited and old- fashioned.

Alice Arnold writing in... The Daily Telegraph!
Whose coverage of the equal marriage debate has been relentlessly mean spirited and old-fashioned.
Much of the rest of it reads like a love letter to President Kim Jong-un David Cameron.
Illustrated, but of, course with the cake toppers above - gee, I'm gonna miss you guys...

PS A heck of a lot of readers' comments have been removed, the mind boggles at what they might have said that even a Telegraph moderator would deem offensive.

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