Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Marriage: Europe Endless...

Less than 25 years ago, the Conservative MP Sir Nicholas Winterton insisted that he didn't need to worry about the damage done to his party by the notorious section 28 – because he'd "never met a homosexual in Macclesfield". Just 15 years ago, the late Baroness Blatch sniffed to a pal at the arrival of the openly gay peer Waheed Alli in the House of Lords: "He's as queer as the ace of spades, you know."
Six days have now passed since Britain's new marriage bill received royal assent – a "tricky subject", as the Queen admitted in conversation on Friday. Curiously, however, no one has yet fulfilled Lord Tebbit's recent prediction that, within days of the bill's passage, people might be demanding to marry their pets.
Not a single lollipop lady has turned up at a registry office in the company of a llama. Not one regimental sergeant major has popped into a town hall to plan his nuptials with a guinea pig. Not a single architect is reported to have proposed – yet – to an anaconda.
But something has happened in the last decade which has helped accelerate positive public attitudes towards gay people in Britain, one of the biggest swings in Europe according to the new European Social Survey, based at City University London. In 2005, we saw the introduction in this country of civil partnership. Bemoaned by some as "equality lite", it turned out to be a critical stepping stone towards equal marriage...

Ben Summerskill in The Guardian.

All sounds a bit chicken and egg to me, Bendybum.
And what does asking people something as inane as whether they agree with the statement: "Gay men and lesbians should be free to live their own lives as they wish" tell us about anything?
Anyway here's the meaningless interactive map.
Almost as silly as this balls from Stonewall about... the royal baby!

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