Tuesday, 30 July 2013

RIchard Smith: On Passive Activism

Some idiot called Richard Smith - who? - has written a barely coherent rant for Pink News about "passive gay activism" - whatever that is.
Here's what Pink News Readers are saying:

"Richard seems very bitter and cynical. What an arsehole."
"This “comment” is such a self important smug piece of sh!t I don’t know where to begin."
"That articles reads like he was still at school – maybe part of his GCSE coursework? He has said nothing about the problems for LGBT people in Russia to raise any awareness himself – just bitchy comments about his ex-flatmate and queeny gays…. and threw a few wordy bits in at the end, brilliant journalism…wow! (as he would no doubt say)…"
"Pretentious tw*t."
"Probably the worst article I’ve ever read on pinknews. So to summarise, “You’re all useless, all-talk, I’m better than you, the end.” Was there actually any point to this article??"

Well said, guys!


  1. You wrote it, and it did facilitate a discussion, and it was clear everybody does want to do more, but signing petitions can have a big effect when they are promoted right. In return you offered nothing new and positive, no new ideas about how to carry that to a new level.

    You've written lots of good pieces, but this wasn't really one of them. But, as I said, it did give people a chance to think about how we do more.

    1. I'll take that as a back-handed compliment - my vaulting ego needs it.
      The piece was partly aimed at provoking Pink News readers.
      Seems to have worked...

  2. You do have a gift for provocation.
    I'm interested in the oft-repeated comment along the lines of "Well, what are YOU doing? At least we're doing something!" - I think I'm right in saying that much of anti-gay policy in those countries mentioned by a few is driven by anti-Western sentiment; ie. it's a Western "problem" and that's how it's sold. So sometimes wading in with stupid demonstrations of capitalist activism ("We're not going to buy your stuff!") just plays into their hands and may make matters worse.
    Someone said it on there; no one asked Russian activists what should be done or if there is anything we can do to help.
    It's arrogance and it may be pointless or even worse, counter-productive.
    Good to see you on Pink News, though! :D
    Benjamin Cohen is ace, but their readers do come across as Daily Mail types.
    O well, it's a mad mad world...

  3. So that's what you really look like, not Elvis drinking a pint. There are a lot of tossers on Pink News by the way and you dare not criticise Saint David Cameron.

    1. Elvis drinking a pint?????????????

    2. Oh hang on, just got the reference after posting that and that photo of Elvis came up.

  4. Fagburn also comes across as a Daily Mail type. Haven't you noticed all the Richard Littlejohn style misogyny and homophobia on this site?

    1. That's hilarious - and also libellous. Care to give any examples of my homophobia and misogyny?

    2. I've read Fagburn every day for three years and I've never witnessed a single instance of anything that could be remotely interpreted as homophobia or misogyny.
      Fagburn is the antithesis of a Daily Mail type.
      Occasionally, something he writes makes me angry, but in pretty much every case, after I've calmed down and thought about it rationally, I've realised the anger was caused by being told an uncomfortable truth.
      You don't have to agree with him, but I've come to realise that if I do disagree with him about something I better make sure my opinion is informed and based on reasoned deduction and not a lazy product of hegemony.
      Fagburn is a challenge to such lazy and damaging acceptance of the status quo and a valuable repository of your actual informed critique of, well, everything.
      This is of utmost importance to us, ver gays, I think - there's a danger of complacency setting in amongst the community as we in the west begin to enjoy less and less oppression and growing "acceptance" - that challenge, that critique, that clear-sightedness is not only true journalism, it's a highly moral undertaking; and we need it more than ever.
      This site is a wonderful resource.
      Long may he continue.


  5. After reading the article in pink news, i presume the poster wanted the gays to do nothing over russia then?

    Maybe we were to travel over to russia each of us and have a word with puttin?

    Or maybe, we just realise that this post was from a man sat behind a keyboard, complaining about other men behind keyboards. *Sigh* welcome to 2013, where THIS shit is news....

    1. I literally have no idea what you're trying to say.
      Care to try again?

  6. A very recent example of Fagburn misogyny: "Why is it only women who ...."

    Try replacing with "Why is it only black people who ...." and it would be fair to call you racist, wouldn't it?

    Fagburn is officially a bigot.

    1. The line was "Why is it only women who sound like ex-Roedean schoolgirls think this is an issue?"
      Which was about class.
      Why did you cut over half of it out?
      It's easy to distort what someone's said and take them out of context.
      But it means you can't argue on your actual facts.
      Try sticking to what I've actually written.



  7. Re the comments - maybe proves your point - the impotent rage of Caliban on seeing his own reflection