Monday, 22 July 2013

Russia: Putin Resigns!

President Putin has resigned, Fagburn can exclusively reveal.
"It was after seeing this crappy video by some annoying middle class twats called Autoheart with two blokes kissing at the end," he said.
"Wow! This lame song which isn't about anything really, apart from it's called Moscow, really made me think. That and the press release I got sent."
"Them and Tilda Swinton's in-depth knowledge of Russian politics - even though they can't tell St Basil's from the Kremlim - was a real game changer for me," he said.
"And then when I saw some people were signing an online petition saying homophobia is bad, well, I I literally shat my pants."
The video has been widely posted on the gay media and nowhere else.
More when we hear it...

Update: Here's a boring article by Harvey Fierstein from the New York Times complaining about the supposed silence over Putin's anti-gay crackdown. Current articles on Google News about it... 20,000. Why will no-one speak out!


  1. shit video full of stereotypes -o dear o dear..this is going to upset everyone -not.

  2. Everything bad will now stop for ever!

  3. Where are the stereotypes? Lazy critics, both of you.

  4. good grief. what a horrible video. *vomits*