Friday, 26 July 2013

Russia: Putin! See Our Tacky Ad And Despair!!!

Ku Bar, a gay bar in Soho London, has joined the battle against the controversial anti-gay “propaganda” laws in Russia with an advertisement echoing Dan Savage’s message to “dump russian vodka”...

Pink News.

G-A-Y group has become the latest to vow to boycott Russian vodkas in solidarity with LGBT people living in Russia, where gay “propaganda”, and the adoption of children by foreign gay couples were recently made illegal.
G-A-Y which owns the brand, its bars, and Heaven nightclub, will not be serving Russian vodka from now on, confirmed its founder and owner.
Founder and owner of G-A-Y group Jeremy Joseph tweeted to say: “Just in the middle of discussing with our wholesalers, but G-A-Y will not be selling Russian Vodka”.

Pink News.

Wow! They must really care.
I bet Putin's quaking in his boots.
Because meaningless PR stunts make the world go round...

PS Fagburn would be fascinated to hear from any viewers who've actually been sold Russian vodka in these venues. If memory serves it was just some Smirnoff and whatever was on offer in the cash and carry...

Update: Russian gay activists: There is ‘no point’ boycotting vodka - Joe Morgan, Gay Star News.
Golly, someone's bothered to ask a gay campaigner in Russia what they think, unlike Dan Savage, Jeremy Joseph et al.
Could it be that GSN has a proper journalist at last?

Update2: For regular news on how this silly gesture politics has gone mental in the US, read blogger Joe My God - who's posting updates on the hysteria without a shred of irony.


  1. Is there normally a line of topless men standing outside that bar or are they just waiting for it to open to get their non-Russian vodka ?

    1. Oh, they're always there. Just hangin' out, dude...

  2. Ooh an online petition -