Friday, 19 July 2013

Tom Daley: He's The Top!

Olympic diver and reality TV star Tom Daley has caused a splash with the boys - finding himself voted the sexiest male by readers of gay mag Attitude.
The 19-year-old sportsman beat David Beckham and Prince Harry in the poll, and accepted the award at a special ceremony held at a West End. *
Becks came second in the poll, with Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill third and Hazza fourth.

The magazine's editor Matthew Todd said: "We thought we'd turn the regular sexiest women polls on their head. It's a bit of fun but the response was overwhelming and there were some surprising votes!
"Tom Daley won by a country mile, and Prince Harry did extraordinarily well, no doubt in part due to recent revelations that he stepped in to stop a homophobic attack on former soldier James Wharton." **


Well done our Tom!
Would have thought the Attitude's Top 100 Men poll would be a shoo-in for the tabloids, but so far only the Mirror has covered it.
Helpfully they explain why; "Lists are good for many things - helping you to remember what shopping to get, assisting you with your general life plan, and they're also just pretty good fun things to make.
"But they really are extra special when they're lists of amazingly hot men.
"And our friends over at Attitude magazine have done just that AS PART OF THEIR ACTUAL JOBS!"
They also let you fill space without doing any work.
Which explains why the Mirror's 3am team have put together a list of their Top 100 Sexy Men.

* No, he didn't. Tom's training in Barcelona.
I'm sure he would have been there like a shot otherwise.
That's a photo of Tom in Barc, above - wearing a rather fetching pair of pink swimming trunks.

** Fagburn is not quite sure how allegedly getting "Prince Harry" to intervene during an alleged (and in-no-way made up cause someone had a book to sell) homophobic dispute would make a man more fuckable, but maybe that's just me...

Update: On Friday PM Tom tweeted to Heat about this - :P Adorable!


  1. if the photographer had repositioned himself to the left then that photo could have had a lot more sexual tension from that building behind him.

    1. It's as if Barcelona has been watching Tom and a huge thrusting erect cock has ascended from the earth...

  2. To paraphrase Cole porter I bet he's a bottom NOT A TOP!

  3. Pink trunks, nod to Attitude, almost there.

  4. I'd like to fuck him until he screams