Thursday, 22 August 2013

Charlie Condou: Scoop Of The Century!

The actor, 40, who plays midwife Marcus Dent, agreed with actress friend Catherine Kanter they would have a child if she did not find love by the time she was 40.

Catherine stayed single but Charlie hooked up with partner Cameron Laux, 49.

But the soap star honoured the deal, fathering Catherine’s daughter Georgia, four, and two-year-old son Hal, by IVF.

Charlie, Cameron and Catherine, 45, all share the responsibility for raising the youngsters in Islington, north London.

Charlie said: “I always wanted to be a daddy. Catherine and I had the conversation thousands of women have with gay friends, a Plan B pact, to have a child together should Mr Right not appear.”

And, err, that's the full extent of the Daily Star's front page story today!

The quote - singular - is taken uncredited from yesterday's Daily Mail, which came from an interview Charlie gave to Red magazine.
Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted Mr Condou is one of the best-known gay dads - and most prominent advocates for gay parenting - in the country, and used to write a weekly Guardian column about it.
Heaven forfend that the Star should ever find out about Elton John and David Furnish's secret love children.


  1. These people remind me of Paris Hilton and that little dog she carries around in her handbag, children as commodities.

    1. Do you regard all children raised outside of the 'traditional' family set up as being commodities?

  2. How can he be an advert for gay parenting if he is co-parenting with a woman?!

    He's the exact opposite of an advert for gay parenting!

    People are getting confused between sexuality and gender: a gay man having a baby with a lesbian/straight woman is NOT involved in same-sex parenting.

    As a matter of fact, gay men have been having children with women since time began. We've all heard of a gay man who comes out at 50 having had four kids with his wife: and these children were conceived in the natural way.

    (Perhaps this is not up for discussion as we like to categorise people as straight/gay/bisexual and to think about this too much is uncomfortable for some people, but, nevertheless, gay men conceive babies with women).

    I'm not having a pop at Mr Condou, I agree that a child should have two opposite sex parents and he's doing the best to ensure this -or so it would seem, nevertheless, hardly an advert for same-sex parenting. An ANTI-advert if you like (!)

  3. I agree. Ban parent gays