Tuesday, 13 August 2013

From The Archives: Thatcher Overturns Section 28

Evil autocratic tyrant Margaret Thatcher has overturned her law banning homosexual propaganda, Fagburn can exclusively reveal.
Her move came after President Gorbachev said he didn't like it much.
Cause that's how politics works, yah?
"I have listened to the increasingly hysterical remarks made by some people in another country I hate, and have now realised I should be nice to The Gays in England," she said. "More fool me."
It is understood a boycott of Mowbary Pork Pies in Moscow called by Dan Self-Publicist was the tipping point.
That and Thatch not being able to see Torvill & Dean figure-skating at the Calgary Winter Olympics.
Stephen Fry was too incoherent to comment.

Fagburn, June 1988.


  1. You still get people defending Thatcher's government's homophobic policies and exploiting homophobia in election campaigns as "that was the general atmosphere of the time", but 1. the Tories were the only party exploiting/promoting homophobia and 2. the Tories were still much the same throughout the '90s and well into the next decade.
    Yet many who defended Thatcher a few months ago are some of the loudest voices criticising Russia right now...