Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Homosexuality: Natural's Not In It

A "thought-provoking" article by Craig Fairnington.

We simply do not know why people end up gay - is it nature or nurture, Nietzsche or Nutella? - human understanding may never be able to answer this.
But saying it's ok cause it's "natural" is a fool's game.


  1. Your answer to everything is everyone is stupid.

  2. If you are going to say whether something is natural or not, you need to be a lot more careful about distinguishing different meanings of "natural" than is the author of this article. This author lumps together, for example, "done by non-humans", "innate" and "can't change".

    The author is also curiously uninterested in the question whether it is TRUE that gay people cannot help experiencing gay feelings. He goes on about how such a message might be friendly to gay rights, etc, etc, but not whether it's TRUE. He may think he's being awfully sophisticated, but he isn't.

  3. You in LM now?

  4. Good to see Spiked is still churning out pseudo-intellectual garbage.

    If someone's acceptance of me is conditional on their belief that I'm afflicted with something I can't help...then fuck them.

  5. Being unable to help something doesn't mean that the thing you can't help is an *affliction*. I can't help withdrawing my hand pronto if I put it on a scorching hotplate, but that doesn't mean I'm *afflicted* with that response.