Saturday, 24 August 2013

Russell Tovey: Can't Be Arsed

"You've got to remember that of the millions who watch TV, most people don't give a fuck about your private life or know who you are...

"I love my personal life and having a social life. And I didn't ever want to have to compromise. I could imagine being at this stage now and having skeletons in the closet, and you sitting here going, 'So have you got a girlfriend?' and me saying, 'I've not got a girlfriend at the moment, I've not met the right girl, there's a few people around.' And in my head going, I'm going back home to my boyfriend in five minutes.
"D'you know what I mean? I just can't be arsed with that."

Guardian Weekend magazine.
Highly imaginative cover lines; Acting Out - Russell Tovey playing it straight.

Barely a month seems to go by without another glowing profile of Russell Tovey in the weekend supplements.
Everybody loves Russell!
And why not?
He's adorable; good-looking, talented, very busy work-wise*, and seems utterly charming.
I would.
But how about just for once not talking about his ears, being a big gayer who's a birrova lad, The History Boys, Him N Her, coming out, the acting closet, and ye olde, 'Can gay men act the straights?''

* What Remains? his latest TV thing, starts tomorrow.

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  1. I've heard him interviewed several times on Radio 4 and it's never mentioned once that he's gay which is slightly odd given that he's supposed to be so relaxed about it all. I'm not sure that most people even know that he's gay.