Saturday, 17 August 2013

Russia: Nikolai Alexeyev Tweets

From Twitter. 

I post these without comment.
But maybe people in the West should be more worried about propaganda in the West?

Edit: Fagburn believes Nikolai is a heroic and brave campaigner for gay rights, but has done some things which are a bit odd, and does seem sometimes driven by vanity.
Obviously, we in the UK have no equivalent.
Whatever, I wish him well.


  1. I'm gay from Russia. Alexeyev has no respect from gays in Russia. He is liar. He said that Putin even didn't sign anti-gay law. All russian gays know that Putin was the one who is behind anti-gay compaign and discrimination in Russia. And all gays from Russia are thankful for all support from the West.

    1. My point was more about how this story is being distorted by the Western media.

    2. I think He became Putin's puppet. Putin was really worried about his reputation in the West last weeks. Comparison to Hitler is really hurts him.

    3. With respect, I can't see why Putin would be bothered about any criticisms from the West.
      I bet he loves them.

  2. Comparison to the Nazis was negative for Putin's rating in Russia.

  3. Putin doesn't wish to be like Mugabe. He wants to be like a leader of conservative Europe. French anti-gay protests were widely supported by russian state-controlled media and deputies.

  4. Lol Don't confuse the matter Alex, comrade Fagburn has catagorically stated what's best for you his non-neocolonial non-condescending way!

  5. Something about this doesn't entirely convince. This man has thrived on media attention (Western and otherwise) from the very beginning and anybody, especially an activist, who claims there is no politics in the work he does strikes me as extremely suspect.

    Perhaps it's true his words have been distorted by the Western gay press (I wouldn't put it past them), but for such a liberal-inclined activist and admirer of Tatchell (who personifies the sort patronising, manipulative activism Alexeyev complains about) it has the ring of an about face to it and his interview with the Voice of Russia seemed to come at an awfully serendipitous time.

  6. Where are you hiding, Fagburn?

    Another meltdown... or embarrassed at your simpleminded naivete. Who's been a silly boy!

    You are every bit as much a mentalist as this Alexeyev loon. Enjoy that!