Saturday, 10 August 2013

Russia: Stephen Fry - Repentant Clown

In which he admits everything he said about Russia was a load of old bollocks.
Maybe they'll interview a gay Russian to confirm what a patronising posh bell-end Stephen Fry is.
Thank fuck this fools' parade is now over.
Maybe after all this hysteria this shows reason will out?
Fat chance.

Update: "There’s many, many things wrong with the world and homophobia in Russia isn’t the only thing that’s wrong with the world, but we can only attach ourselves to causes which mean the most to us at a particular time, and hope that slowly via some sort of drip-and-pressure effect we can make a difference..." Stephen Fry tells Pink News.

Thanks to How Upsetting and all who highlighted how silly and partisan this bonfire of the vanities was.
Slowly via some sort of drip-and-pressure effect we can make a difference...

Aintcha policemen wunnerfull etc etc...

¡La lucha sigue!

Update: Rod Liddle - who's an arse, admittedly - in the Sunday Times on why Stephen Fry needs a history lesson.

Whose side to take in the epic battle between Vladimir Putin and our own Stephen Fry? It’s a terrible dilemma, like choosing sides in a war between Pakistan and Iran. A horrible part of me would like to watch them slug it out until neither is left standing. On the one hand, a rather camp individual given to self-serving, grandiose pronouncements, and on the other there’s Fry...

And finally in The Observer, record-breaking egomaniac Paul Burston takes this as an opportunity to talk about his wonderful self again!

You should not give power to those who seek it - Old anarchist saying.


  1. Suggest pointing at this >

    As it explains (as I have), it is complicated but expands on why.

  2. Agreed that the situation is very complex. Some important context worth checking out here -

  3. I like the way Stephen Fry is engaging in conversation with Peter Tatchell, while the latter does his patent staring saintly into the middle distance as a camera is on him.

    1. Unassuming gay saints both...

    2. I think you're being a little unfair to Fry, but you may be right.
      I'm not talking about recent proclamations, but overall I really think Fry's a decent person. He DOES acknowledge his faults, for one thing.


  4. Wheres Stephens jailbait boyfriend?

  5. "You should not give power to those who seek it - Old anarchist saying."

    Plato said it first. Didncha know that? Surprised at you!

    1. Oh. Just Googled it.
      I thought I'd made that up.

    2. "Those who seek power are not worthy of that power."

      Mine is more pithy, I think.


  6. Plato says it in Republic, where the people he wants as rulers will be reluctant to take office because the delights of doing philosophy are so great.