Thursday, 29 August 2013

Stephen Fry: Some More Of Me Poetry

There was a young chaplain from King's, 
Who talked about God and such things, 
But his real desire, 
Was a boy in the choir, 
With a bottom like jelly on springs.

A limerick [Edit: recited] by "national treasure" Dame Stephen Fry on QI - the BBC's standards committee has decided that it did not breach their guidelines.
“The object of the humour was the hypocrisy of a chaplain, and not the act of paedophilia."
The BBC is thought to have received one (1) complaint.

PS Interesting to note Stephen "Let's boycott Sochi!" Fry's books are still available in Russia.


  1. Quite wrong - not by S Fry at all, but a famous traditional version, which should read:

    There was a young Fellow of Kings,
    Whose mind was on spiritual things.
    But his passionate desire
    Was a boy in the Choir
    With an arse like a jelly on springs.