Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Guardian: Worst Letter EVER!!!

Perhaps, when thinking about how best to proceed about homophobia in Russia, we should listen to gay people in Russia (Report, 8 August). The Russian LGBT Network has said: "We believe that calls for spectators to boycott Sochi, for the Olympians to retreat from competition, and for governments, companies and national Olympic committees to withdraw from the event, risk transforming the powerful potential of the Games into a less powerful gesture that would prevent the rest of the world from joining LGBT people, their families and allies in Russia in solidarity and taking a firm stance against the disgraceful human rights record in this country. Do not boycott the Olympics – boycott homophobia."
Russia's leading gay rights campaigner, Nikolay Alexeyev, also does not support a ban or boycott. 

Perhaps these people have a better idea about what to do than patronising neocolonialist posturing from the likes of Stephen Fry?

Richard Smith

Brighton, East Sussex

Who is this Richard Smith guy?
He sounds like an arsehole.
He's been to Moscow for like a day and yet he thinks he can pronounce forth on this.
How dare he accuse national treasure Stephen Fry of "patronising neocolonialist posturing".

• The laughably apolitical and banal Gay Star News is - but of course - going to town on the Sochi Olympics. Here they report on someone who's painted their nails rainbow "in protest". You really couldn't make it up.

Update: Russian gay TV journalist, Anton Krasovsky, also speaks out against a boycott.

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