Sunday, 11 August 2013

Thought For The Day: Ann Widdecombe

I genuinely prefer life on my own. People used to use the term “gay bachelor” to describe single men having a good time, but it was always “sad spinster” for a woman. Complete nonsense.

The Times.

*makes zip moving across lips gesture*

PS Fagburn is now resigned to his fate as a "gay bachelor". *sighs*


  1. Widdy's gone from ' Doris Karloff ' to national treasure in about 10 years. Even Tony Blair will become a national treasure eventually.

  2. Didn't she almost out herself during a Radio 4 interview in 1997? Seem to remember some fuss about it in the press at the time... I think sexologists may have to coin a new term to do justice to the the complexity of Widdecombe's sexuality - but whatever that word might be, I suspect it would apply to the late Patrick Moore too.