Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Quilliam: Queer Bedfellows

The big shock story breaking today has been that the EDL's founder and leader, Tommy Robinson - the racist hooligan properly known as Stephen Lennon - has quit his group the Whiteshits claiming, without a hint of irony, he was concerned it had become "too extreme".
The Guardian said; "His decision was announced in a press release from the counter-extremism thinktank the Quilliam Foundation, which said it had "facilitated" Robinson's departure and that of the EDL co-founder. Kevin Carroll, also from Luton."
Robinson and the Muslim group Quilliam are now said to be working together.
This sounds most odd, but did not surprise some who have been monitoring Qulliam's activities.
They have a history of making some very strange enemies and allies.
This proved prophetic.
The Quilliam Foundation has received millions from the UK Foreign Office and Home Office.
But for doing what?
Islamophobia Watch - which documents stories about those they believe are harming Britain's Muslim community - has run over 70 stories critical of Quilliam.
A wit of Wildean proportions might call them the Quisling Foundation.
Fagburn wonders what one of today's leading "anti-imperialist" LGBT slash human rights campaigners has to say about this controversial group...

Thankfully, Saint Peter has often reminded everyone that he is opposed to Islamophobia - despite numerous silly assertions to the contrary by Islamophobia Watch, and others on the left, that he often helps fuel it.
Tatchell often claims to be a brave lonely voice on the left speaking out against "Islamofascism".
Fomer comrade Ken Livingstone, among others on the left, have seen this as evidence of Tatchell's Islamic Conspiracy Theory.

"Clearly, Tatchell, whom I strongly defended against homophobia when he was selected as the Labour candidate in Bermondsey, has lost his political bearings and constructed a fantasy world in which the main threat we face, worse than the far right, is Islamic fundamentalist hordes.

"It is not surprising that this approach takes him into a de facto alliance with the American neo-cons and Israeli intelligence services who want to present themselves as defending western "civilisation" against more "backward" civilisations in the Middle East and elsewhere. In reality, as with racism in the age of colonialism, this Islamophobic ideology serves to anaesthetise western audiences to the crimes being committed to justify the seizure of lands in occupied Palestine and the invasion of Iraq."

Tatchell's been speaking out today - in a rare press release - about an apparent ban on gay men entering Kuwait, Qatar and other Gulf States.
[Edit: Apparently not quite so - see Scott Long].
Anyone know which of these are also bankrolling Quilliam?

The EDL has made much play of claiming they were pro-gay and one reason they were against extreme Islamism was because it was homophobic.
Will Tatchell and Robinson be sharing a platform about this soon?
Thankfully for Tommy Robinson, Peter Tatchell can always be counted on to "bravely" speak out.
Unfortunately, all too often, without thinking what it may serve, beyond his own ego. **
** It seems no matter which country the New American Empire has declared this week's Global Enemy Number One, Peter is usually ready to do his little bit to help the war effort by further demonising them.
Here's a favourite claim he first made in May 1999 when NATO was bombing the fuck out of Serbia.

In some conquered villages, Serb soldiers rounded up the men and boys, stripped them naked, and forced the boys to fellate their fathers, and the fathers to sodomise their sons.

And did they bounce their babies on their bayonets, too?
Astonishing, Peter, astonishing...


  1. If you visit Tatchell's Twitter account, you'll see he spent much of yesterday telling Jewish people what they should and should not be offended by.
    Again... astonishing!

  2. I don't know what Ken Livingstone means when he says Tatchell is fantasising about the Islamic threat, Islamic fundamentalism IS REAL !!! A few years ago Richard Dawkins asked : "what moderate Muslims?" EXACTLY ! I don't feel under any threat from the "far right"( what far right? Nobody takes any notice of them ) but Islam is an international menace and I object to their presence in this country and having to respect their stupid, backward, homophobic religion.

  3. You think it's a lie about the Balkans? Read this Guardian report then: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/apr/08/bosnia-camps-ed-vulliamy

    Then read about how the Bakans tensions started with a homophobic incident: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Đorđe_Martinović

    Stop pretending you care for Muslims if you casually deny the cirmes comitted during the 1990s genocide in Ex-Yugosalvia.

    A gay Muslim

    1. Thanks for posting stuff by The Guardian and Wikipedia - oracles of truth on this.

      And generalising about my specific point - always helpful.

      The Guardian's chief reporter over Kosovo/Serbia Ian Black said Appendix B of The Rambouillet document didn't exist - http://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/1999/may/20/guardianletters

      One last word: Krajina...

    2. Croats expelled Serbs from Krajina. What does that have to do with the genocide against Muslims in Ex-Yugoslavia? You are writing about things you have only rudimentary knowledge about. You get your informations (conspiracy theories) from biased sources, while I myself grew up in Ex-Yugoslavia and have met victims and survivors of the numerous crimes and have seen children with brains blown to pieces.
      To you it's an ideological game, a Peter Tatchell joke. To me and the people dear to me it was a horrible reality.
      So please don't pretend you oppose Islamophobia. You are not a friend of Muslims. You are an ideological poser. It is like a person who denies the Holocaust being outraged at anti-Semitism. It just doesn't compute.

  4. Interesting - Vice On Quilliam... http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/quilliam?utm_source=vicetwitter

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