Friday, 29 November 2013

Robbie Williams: Musical

The confused crooner reckons he’s “49%” homosexual.
And to prove it he’s taking his love of musicals to another level.
The pop papa, 39, now wants to star in a musical production of his own life, including new songs to go with his classic hits (probably leaving Rudebox out of it).
He revealed: “I would really like to have a crack at it. I love musical theatre and a lot of the other things that are often associated with gays.
“I am 49% homosexual and sometimes as far as 50%. However, that would imply that I enjoy having a particular sort of fun which I don’t.”
His wife Ayda Field, 34, will be relieved to hear that, we’re sure...

Daily Star.

But could there be a gay journalist dull and joyless enough to get an angry article out of this light-hearted aside?

Patrick Strudwick, come on down!

As one wag once noted, Mr Strudwick would accuse a roll of wallpaper of being homophobic.

PS Patrick's literally unreadable column for Gay Times, before he was junked for being too boring for words. See also his absence from Attitude...

Paul Flowers: Scandal

Well, it's always good to keep things in perspective, Freddie...
Meanwhile the tastefully titled Sun City reports...

Strictly entre nous I don't think people are leaving the Co-op specifically over the "drug and rent boy revelations".

Mirror: Image Problem

A man has admitted criminal damage after he let himself into his former flat to have sex with a female friend and broke the bed.
Adam Disney, 28, of Solihull, still had a key to his former home and after a night out with his companion he decided to use the empty flat...


But an eagle-eyed reader wants to know; "But why the picture of a man lying on top of another man?"

Thursday, 28 November 2013

William S Burroughs: A Thanksgiving Prayer

Good night!

Bijan Ebrahimi: An Apology

Hi, sorry, didn't catch your name. Bijan? Oh, that's unusual, where are you from? Iran? And you're a refugee? Blimey. Sorry about that. Well, welcome to England, mate!

A man has been jailed for life after admitting he murdered his disabled neighbour who had been wrongly branded a paedophile.

Lee James, 24, killed Bijan Ebrahimi and set fire to his body in the Brislington area of Bristol in July.

Bristol Crown Court heard Mr Ebrahimi, who was an Iranian national and in his 40s, died from head injuries.

Stephen Norley, 25, who had admitted assisting an offender, was given a four-year jail term. He helped James drag Mr Ebrahimi's body from the scene of the attack and obtained white spirit to burn the body. 

His remains were found 100m from his maisonette in Capgrave Crescent.

Mr Ebrahimi was murdered on 14 July, three days after he was arrested by police following complaints that he had been taking pictures of children near his home.

Officers examined his camera, videos and computer but found nothing suspicious and he was released without charge.

The court heard that during the fatal attack James repeatedly stamped on Mr Ebrahimi's head, shouting "have some of that".

Mr Langdon said that after murdering Mr Ebrahimi and burning his body, James told his girlfriend: "We sorted him out. We took care of things."

James, also of Capgrave Crescent, told police he had kicked Mr Ebrahimi "like a football... I had so much anger in me".

The court heard Mr Ebrahimi, who moved to the UK in 2001, made several calls to police in the 48 hours before his murder, but "those calls were not responded to".

Avon and Somerset Chief Constable Nick Gargan issued an apology after the tragedy, saying: "Mr Ebrahimi was someone who deserved the protection of all of us and we are very sorry about what happened to him."

Sorry Bijan - but this is England and this is how we do things here.

Israel/Palestine: Eight Questions Palestinian Queers Are Tired Of Hearing

You might think that the main goal of a group of queer activists in Palestine like us in Al-Qaws should be the seemingly endless task of dismantling sexual and gender hierarchy in one’s own society.

It is. But you might think otherwise, judging from the repetitive questions we get during our lectures and events, or from inquiries we receive from media and other international organizations.

We intend to end this once and for all. Educating people about their own privilege is not our burden. But before we announce our formal retirement from this task, here are the eight most frequent questions we get, and their definitive answers...

Ghaith Hilal, The Electronic Intifada.

Here are the questions...

1. Doesn’t Israel provide Palestinian queers with a safe haven?

2. Aren’t all Palestinians homophobic?

3. How do you deal with your main enemy, Islam?

4. Are there any out Palestinians?

5. Why are there no Israelis in al-Qaws?

6. I saw this film about gay Palestinians (Invisible Men/Bubble/

Out In The Dark, etc.) and I feel I learned a lot about your struggle

7. Isn’t fighting for gay rights a more pressing issue than pinkwashing?

8. Why do you use terms from “the West” like LGBT or queer to describe your struggle? How do you answer that critique?

• Photo: Graffiti in Ramallah reads “Queers passed through here.” (Image courtesy of Al-Qaws).

James Arthur: This Is Not Acceptable!


Yes, this really is "a thing".
Someone has started a Facebook page calling for James Arthur to be banned from TV because he said a bad word!
Even though he's apologised and is clearly not homophobic.
[Edit: Now even Lucy Spraggan has said he's not a homophobe].
Gay bedwetters of the world never forgive, never forget!
The page has 9,000 likes - and counting...

Wow, what incredible support for our cause. Many people have been saying we are a hate page, and an anti- James Arthur page. However this couldn't be further from the truth. We set up this page because we do not feel that people with a history of using homophobic language should be rewarded by giving them a spot on primetime TV. James used very offensive and derogatory language on more than one occasion, and when confronted by former friend Lucy Spraggan, showed no sign of remorse, but instead mocking her support of the LGBT community. Do you really think James would have apologised had the public not pulled him up on what he said?

This takes gay hysteria, clicktivism and thought policing to a whole new level of crassness - what an avalanche of absolute fucking idiocy.
What a wonderful life you must live if stupid crap like this makes you angry.
God, there's some boring un/queer people in the world.

Forever condemning an ill-educated [!] straight person for their disgusting language does not increase acceptance; it creates an infinite divide, at least between that individual and the queer community they may've once respected in their own way...

The punishment directed at James is hysterical (up to and including death threats). He has apologised for his behaviour but it's being drowned out: if a louder, more heartfelt attempt is made I hope the intended recipients truly listen to what he has to say: that would be an example worth setting to kids at school who associate the word 'gay' with 'bad'. There's of course still a need for militancy when it comes to LGBTQ issues - but we need to pick our battles carefully.

Jamie Tabberer, Independent Voices.

Friday's Sun: Warning, story may be rather exaggerated.
The "source" here is our old friend "anonymous" ie Mr Made-Up.
PS A posh intern writes...

The Bulls: From The Daily Express Message Boards

A CHRISTIAN couple who refused to let two gay men share a bed at their bed and breakfast guest house yesterday lost an appeal against paying them thousands of pounds damages.

What kind of freedom is it if you can't decide if you let someone stay in your house or not? Going around naked doesn't do anybody no harm, and yet you get fined for it. What kind of justices is this??

If someone demanded on my dear grandmother to watch something like that... Have you no decency at all???

Gay minorities win again, when are these tree hugging greenies going to give up and leave "normal" people alone with their own beliefs???

I thought we were a Christian Nation why are the traitors authorites always picking on Christians, I wonder what will happen when a Muslim does the same thing. I feel deeply sorry for the two Christians it is their proberty and not that useless judge. An Englishmans home is not his home any longer we live in a dictatorship and I am sure the two gays knew what they werer doing in the beginning.

I suppose we will have to wait until this country is a Muslim caliphate, not long now:)

I believe that when we vote in morally corrupt political parties namely the CON/LAB/LIBDEM sham who continue to undermine our country's Christian beliefs and values, this is the inevitable outcome.

It was a disgrace to watch the speed of Westminster in adopting dare I say "Gay Marriages." This says it all. I would never attempt to judge a Gay person but that doesn't excuse me from knowing that certain elements of their lifestyles to be an abomination. This country has lost its moral compass. That is why I urge you all to vote UKIP as the only way back for our nation.

What an absolute disgrace that we are now having marxist political doctrine enforced upon us. This isn't what our ancestors gave their lives for.

In the British Navy circa 1500 there was a punishment for homosexual acts. The punishment read 'for unlawful carnal knowledge'. The punishment was the 'cat of nine tails'. Probably good.I always think that the human race would not have got very far if everyone was homosexual.I also think that when two guys adopt a baby the impression that is given when he grows and sees two homosexuals in bed is not good.. Lastly. These are not 'gay' men. They are Homosexuals. It is not right to usurp the term meaning happy.

Communism at it's best!
You WILL accept perverts as part of everyday life and you WILL be punished if you even attempt to resist your Marxist rulers, both in the UK and in Brussels !
No, sorry, the vast majority of normal people will NOT accept it, and I would refuse to pay the fine.

Nothing to do with Christains who wants shirt lifters staying in their guest house.Its their place they should have the right who they accomodate

I'm convinced the only reason this pair booked into that particular bed and breakfast was because they'd already been told about the owners' policy on married couples and were just out to cause trouble
I hope they are pleased with the results of their actions.

Jesus is still Lord no matter what the government or society does, and His word stands for eternity, whether we would like to change it or not. I feel for the guys who may have no idea what will hit them on judgement day after death. Like all of us, they need to repent of their sins before it is too late.

If they don't want 'chutney ferrets' in their B and B they should have the right to say so. How I hate having to live in PC world.

Tell this gay couple who are probably habitual 'how can I be offended today pc morons' and the judge to go to hell. And if they are sent to prison then that is religious persecution!

two sodomists cashing in! Homosexuality will be compulsory if the Eton Elite get their way!

PPS Intolerance dolled up as 'equality', Spiked. Does make an interesting point about how "Equality laws have significantly expanded the state’s power."

Paul Flowers: Photograph

This is troubled Rev Paul Flowers smiling in his dressing gown with the ex Speaker of the House of Commons Betty Boothroyd.
The former Co-op bank chairman is also pictured with young members of the Boys’ Brigade.
Taken in the early eighties, the snap shows him about to embark on a sponsored slim and moustache shave.
At the time he was secretary of the Labour Party in West Bromwich.
Baroness Boothroyd, the former MP for the West Midland constituency, said yesterday Flowers was a “Jekyll and Hyde” character...

Daily Mirror.

What is point?

PS The Daily Mail report...

Flowers, who was a minister at Hill Top Methodist Church in West Bromwich, became a Labour candidate for Meriden, Warwickshire, in September 1985.
In his campaign he pledged to bring ‘honesty, humanity and humour’ back to politics.
He resigned less than three months later after accusing party members of conducting a ‘whispering campaign’ against him.
In his resignation letter he blamed party officials of using his conviction for gross indecency - reportedly concerning a sex act in a toilet - to attack his sexuality.
'Within a relatively short time a whispering campaign began - not on political issues - but on the face that I happen to be gay, and that I was once convicted of the sort of offence to which gay people are susceptible within a pressurised and intolerant society,' he wrote.
‘I owe it to my own sense of self-respect and to those who employ me in the Church - and who have supported me through this charade - to resign now.’

The Mail go for the full-frontal of this clearly incriminating photo; "Rev Paul Flowers poses in a dressing down [sic]... with members of the BOYS BRIGADE!"

Boris Johnson: Cunt

“It would be wrong to persecute the rich, and madness to try and stifle wealth creation and futile to try to stamp out inequality.
“It is surely relevant to a conversation about equality that as many as 16% of our species have an IQ below 85, while about 2% have an IQ above 130.
“The harder you shake the pack, the easier it will be for some cornflakes to get to the top."

Further ├╝ber right-wing nuttiness, upper class ideological warfare, and bizarre metaphors in defence of inequality in the full text of Eton Rifles' Boris Johnson's Margaret Thatcher memorial lecture (!) here.
We need GUNS!

Steve Bell in Friday's Guardian.

Chapman Brothers: Art

Those crazy Chapman Brothers are just so... edgy!

The Independent: Comedy

Am I reading too much into this?

Chelsea Manning: Thanksgiving Day

I’m usually hesitant to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. After all, the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony systematically terrorized and slaughtered the very same Pequot tribe that assisted the first English refugees to arrive at Plymouth Rock. So, perhaps ironically, I’m thankful that I know that, and I’m also thankful that there are people who seek out, and usually find, such truths. I’m thankful for people who, even surrounded by millions of Americans eating turkey during regularly scheduled commercial breaks in the Green Bay and Detroit football game; who, despite having been taught, often as early as five and six years old, that the “helpful natives” selflessly assisted the “poor helpless Pilgrims” and lived happily ever after, dare to ask probing, even dangerous, questions.

Such people are often nameless and humble, yet no less courageous. Whether carpenters of welders; retail clerks or bank managers; artists or lawyers, they dare to ask tough questions, and seek out the truth, even when the answers they find might not be easy to live with.

I’m also grateful for having social and human justice pioneers who lead through action, and by example, as opposed to directing or commanding other people to take action. Often, the achievements of such people transcend political, cultural, and generational boundaries. Unfortunately, such remarkable people often risk their reputations, their livelihood, and, all too often, even their lives.

For instance, the man commonly known as Malcolm X began to openly embrace the idea, after an awakening during his travels to the Middle East and Africa, of an international and unifying effort to achieve equality, and was murdered after a tough, yearlong defection from the Nation of Islam. Martin Luther King Jr., after choosing to embrace the struggles of striking sanitation workers in Memphis over lobbying in Washington, D.C., was murdered by an escaped convict seeking fame and respect from white Southerners. Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician in the U.S., was murdered by a jealous former colleague. These are only examples; I wouldn’t dare to make a claim that they represent an exhaustive list of remarkable pioneers of social justice and equality—certainly many if not the vast majority are unsung and, sadly, forgotten.

So, this year, and every year, I’m thankful for such people, and I’m thankful that one day—perhaps not tomorrow—because of the accomplishments of such truth-seekers and human rights pioneers, we can live together on this tiny “pale blue dot” of a planet and stop looking inward, at each other, but rather outward, into the space beyond this planet and the future of all of humanity.

Chelsea Manning, formerly named Bradley, is serving a 35-year prison sentence at Fort Leavenworth for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks.

Time magazine.

Well done to all the gay media who ran this - it more than makes up for all the months/years you completely ignored Chelsea's story when she was in prison and your coverage might have made a real difference.

Manning was arrested in May 2010.
First mention of the case on Pink News March 2011.
First mention on Pink Paper (RIP) December 2011!

Chelsea Manning: Is this photo real?
• Main portrait, top, by Robert Shetterley. I understand from Private Manning Support Network that Chelsea is happy with such illustrations being used for now.
Time uses this photo here of Bradley Manning - as was - in drag, as do many other media now.
Does anyone else think it looks Photoshopped?
Maybe from this picture?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Duncan McAlpine Sennett: Bar Mitzvah

Breaking my rule about avoiding "heart-warming" videos where kids say they loge The Gays.
This cracked me up!
Thank you Duncan.
Shabbat shalom!

The Bulls: Just Let It Go Now, Please, It's Getting Embarrassing!

Guest house owners who refused a gay couple a double room owing to their Christian belief that sex outside marriage is a ‘sin’ have lost their supreme court battle.

Peter and Hazelmary Bull said they were ‘saddened’ by the five judges upholding a previous ruling to order them to pay Martyn Hall and his civil partner Steven Preddy £3,600 damages.

‘Britain ought to be a country of freedom and tolerance, but it seems religious beliefs must play second fiddle to the new orthodoxy of political correctness,’ Mrs Bull said of the verdict.

‘But the judges have sidestepped that big issue, and reinforced the notion that gay rights must trump everything else.’

Supreme court deputy president, Lady Hale, told the Bulls they were free to ‘manifest their religion’ but by barring the couple from Chymorvah House in Marazion, Cornwall, in 2009, they were also breaking the law.


"Sorry Joseph, you two ain't married and the baby's a bastard..."
Spare a moment for that persecuted, oppressed minority: homophobes. The latest benighted martyrs for the cause of bigotry are Hazelmary and Peter Bull, who today lost their Supreme Court battle for the right to turn away gay partners. It's not homophobia, they claimed, because their objection is to sex outside of marriage, not gay couples. It reminds me of the argument once made by US homophobes: that laws forbidding two men having sex were not discriminatory because straight people were banned from having gay sex, too.

If people choose to be homophobic, they should do it in their own homes and not inflict it on the rest of us. Which is the point, really, because it's not as though The Big Gay Menace body-pumped its way into a window the Bulls had left open, made their living room FAB-U-LOUS while twerking to Lady Gaga. No, the Bulls ran a business which made money by allowing members of the public to stay in their bed and breakfast. And in doing so, they are compelled to abide by rules like, say, paying tax, complying with health and safety requirements, and not turning away guests because they are black, disabled or gay...

Owen Jones in The Independent.
Swiftian satire may not be her strong point.

Followed by the inevitable "You wouldn't say that about Muslims!" comments.

However, even most Mail Online comments say that Mr and Mrs Bull were in the wrong.
Truly, the changes they are a timin'.

Hazelmary Bull sure likes that outfit - thanks to Christian.
BBC News online looks back at the recent greatest hits and misses of boring god-botherers in the UK courts.

Fagburn's ashamed to say he missed this classic...

Beekeepers Graham and Abigail Blackburn won the right to not file online VAT returns after they argued their faith prevented them from using computers at home.
The couple, who are are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, reject the use of computers, the internet, televisions and mobile phones in their home.
They believed the contents of some TV programmes and websites were "contrary to the Bible's teachings".

You'd have thought their all-knowing God would have had the foresight to put something about computers in the Bible.

Joan Rivers On Alec Baldwin: Relax!

"Everybody just relax... and everybody stop getting so damned uptight!"?

Uh-oh Joan, the knee-jerk gay hysterics and the pink thought police won't like that, YOU NOTORIOUS HOMOPHOBE!!!

Breaking! Alec Baldwin's MSNBC TV show is cancelled! He blames "the fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy". Though this decision may have more to do with the fact that the ratings were atrocious and his co-workers thought he was a cnut.

Russia: So Brave!

A picture of an Italian journalist holding up a flag saying 'Love Is Love' in Russia has gone viral.

In late October, Enrico Procentese, an Italian photographer and travel blogger, was in Russia on behalf of Conde Nast Traveller.

He was inspired by British actress Tilda Swinton, who held up a gay pride flag in front of St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square in July 2013.

'I believe promoting awareness through messages like "Love Is Love" is the only way to change this attitude in Russia as well as in other countries of the world,' he said to the Moscow Times.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed in a law banning ‘gay propaganda’ in June, supposedly a measure to protect traditional Russian values.

Since then it has been strongly enforced. Even a small display such as Procentese’s can be punished by deportation from the country, a fine, and 15 days in prison

'Taking the photograph was not easy, since the police immediately stopped me and asked me to give them the flag I was carrying,' Procentese said...

Take that Putin!
See Enrico's banal non-specific slogan on a tea-towel and tremble!
It does seem rather odd though that his companion appears to have neglected to take a photograph of the police intervening, don't you think?
And, presuming this really happened and they could read English, how would the police have known this was a gay protest?
And if even "a small display such as Procentese’s can be punished by deportation from the country, a fine, and 15 days in prison", then why didn't the police charge him?
And why isn't Moscow Times in trouble with the authorities for publishing this photo and article?
It's all so very confusing.
One might think you could publish any old bollocks about the GAYS in Russia and get away with it.

"Taxi for Ms Swinton!"
Update: This nonsense even made it into The Independent, famed for having the lamest gay coverage of any broadsheet and for electing Tilda Swinton Number One Friend To LGBT People in the Pink List 2013!!!

Paul Flowers: End Of Story

From today's Private Eye.
And kudos to the Eye for not doing a Paul Flowers cover - a Herculean feat.
Though see pages 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 17, 21, 22, 26, 33 and 34.

The Flowers Affair Is Blooming Hypocrisy

I return from Australia and Borneo to a barbarous Britain. Good heavens, what’s all this hoo-ha about the Rev Paul Flowers? Lurid allegations fly. Claims about hard drugs, rent boys, pornography and (unspeakably worse) false expenses claims. The Tory press is in full cry, Cameron and Osborne an Etna and Vesuvius of moral horror. “Aha! Shame! What did Balls know? What was Miliband told?”

Nothing, obviously. Balls and Miliband plainly had no idea. Maybe they should have, but they didn’t. Such things can happen, and do, to any busy boss. Does anyone seriously think . . . hmm, rephrase that: “Could anyone, on sober reflection, seriously think” that a senior British politician, on being told that a chap was under suspicion on all these alleged counts, would have replied “Porno schmorno — who cares? Let’s just overlook it; and appoint him as an adviser, and have him in for tea, and schmooze him, and make him our link with the Co-operative Bank?”

Nonsense. Lots of thoroughly unsuitable people get appointed by mistake. I was once offered a job in British Intelligence, for pity’s sake. When my party’s pack are in full cry about some alleged disgrace in a rival party, I make a habit of pausing, transposing the name tags, and asking myself how indignant I’d be if it were (say) Labour in full cry against George Osborne because he’d courted and been advised by some wealthy potential donor who’d turned out to be a bounder.

I know what I’d say. “Oops. Should have checked. These things happen.” End of story.

Always like it when Parris comes across as a voice of calm and reason - but then he goes and spoils it all by saying something stupid like he loves Thatch... 

PS Paul Flowers Drug Scandal - two men arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs to former Co-op Bank boss - West Yorkshire police confirmed two suspects, aged 26 and 34, were detained at addresses in the Thornton area of Bradford and the Armley area of Leeds. 
Daily Mirror.
Their ages may or may not be of significance...

Daily Star: Showbiz News 5


Oops to infinity!!!

The Sun: Showbiz News 4


Inside: New Labour woe as rent boy secretly filmed buying ingredients for Naughty Nigella recipe at local Co-op

The Sun: Showbiz News 3

How very interesting...

But it was GT's NAKED ISSUE photos of "X Factor star" Christopher Maloney which literally set Twitter ablaze.

Doctor, my eyes!

The Sun: Showbiz News 2

The Sun: Showbiz News 1

However the Mirror has the really EXPLOSIVE news...

In an explosive exit storyline, his character will fall for Todd Grimshaw - played by Bruno Langley.
However, it was claimed Condou has been at odds with former on-screen lover Anthony Cotton - who plays gay Sean Tully in Corrie - and that they only spoke to each other now when they really have to.
The 40-year-old actor reportedly riled Cotton, 37, after it was alluded that Condou had slagged off the amount of pictures Cotton posts on the social networking site of his food.

And on that bombshell...

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Mildly amusing.

Grindr: Survival Of The Fittest

And to those critics who say Grindr is superficial and reduces gay men to physical ideals, he responded with a smile.

“Fanstastic! I love it. Absolutely. Look good. I’m very proud if Grindr has forced us to up up our game. To brush our teeth. Comb our hair. Eat right. Go to the gym. Be a healthy person. Cut back on the smoking. Cut back on the bad things and look your best. We’re men. We visualize. We see before we hear, before we think, before we do anything else. That’s how we are. I haven’t changed that. That’s what our evolution has taught us to do. I certainly go to the gym more because of Grindr. I’m competing with the guy a space away from me on that grid.”

Grindr founder, Joel Simkhai, talking to Michelangelo Signorile via Huff Post Gay.

Only compete...
Ironically Joel appears to be using the interview to promote his good works for The Gays on something called Grindr4Equality.
“If I can make a difference, I’m going to try..."
Wow, thanks a lot, babes!

Tipping Point: So This Happened...

So this happened. A customer in a New Jersey restaurant stiffed waitress Dayna Morales of a tip on a $93.55 bill, and scrawled a note reading, “I am sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle.” Morales, who is lesbian and a Marine, posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook. She got lots of attention, and got lots of extra tips which she said she would donate to the Wounded Warriors Project, a worthy charity that provides services to wounded veterans.

Well, I guess I should say that this allegedly happened. The couple who supposedly stiffed Moralis has come forward with a copy of their receipt showing an $18 tip (that would be just under 20%, for those keeping tabs). They also provided a credit card statement indicating that the full $111.55 was charged to their account.

The couple told NBC 4 New York that they believed their receipt was used for a hoax. The wife says she is left-handed and could not have made the slash in the tip line, which she said looks to be drawn from the right.

“We’ve never not left a tip when someone gave good service, and we would never leave a note like that,” the wife said.

The husband said he and his wife have both worked in restaurants and believe in the value of tipping, and noted that he didn’t vote for Gov. Chris Christie because the governor doesn’t support gay marriage.

“Never would a message like that come from us,” he said.

…”I just felt like people have a right to know that — it’s fine if people want to donate to her or to the Wounded Warriors, but they’re doing it under a false pretense,” the wife said

Morales says the handwriting on the receipt is not hers and that she did not receive a tip. The restaurant says that it is launching an internal investigation.

Box Turtle Bulletin.

This came a few weeks after a gay waiter in Kansas said he'd been refused a tip by some Christians - a story that WENT VIRAL!
Then she told some virtual people this happened and IT WENT VIRAL!
Fagburn can't verify what actually what happened here, and has no idea who is telling the truth.
Maybe it'll turn out the Christians are the ones who are lying?
As I can't check it, I'll keep an open mind.
It's a pretty basic editorial standard.
But seeing as so many of these "CRY HOMOPHOBIA!" stories turn out to be hoaxes, could the gay media in future stop running them as facts, but as allegations?
Though admittedly "Squish squish boo hoo! Look at the poor little LGBT victim!" stories make for better copy.
Here's Gay Star News' predictably credulous report - but basically everyone ran with it, unchallenged, unchecked, as per. 
If you think something sounds UNBELIEVABLE! then there's a good chance that's because it's been made-up.
Particularly if it's about Russia, a gayer who was really really drunk at the time, or involves an awful/adorable anti/pro-gay letter/note from a straight relative. 
Basically whenever you read any news story, you should be asking "Is this true?"
Of course, it would be better if journalists asked themselves this in the first place - you'd think that's kinda the point of their job.

PS Some recent CRY HOMOPHOBIA! attention-seeking favourites; Dildogate - baggage handler homophobia!, What happened when my son wore a pink headband to Walmart - supermarket homophobia!, Frigging in the rigging - cruise ship homophobia!, The lesbian couple who sprayed homophobic graffiti on their own house, I could go on - and on and on and on...

Update: OOPS! Looks like Danye Morales could be a serial liar and delusional fantasist!
Whoda thunk it? etc etc.
Thanks to Tom. x

News: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex Even Though You're Not Having It Much

Like all media, The Lancet's National Survey Of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles was BONKTASTIC! manna from PHWOAR! heaven for The Independent.
A survey!
And it's about sex!!!
Double-page spread with saucy photos?
Beats working!

"For some aspects of sexual behaviour, for example numbers of partners, it has narrowed, for others, such as age at first sex, it has closed and yet in other respects, such as same-sex experience, women have overtaken men," Professor Wellings said.

"Whilst same-sex experiences have remained relatively constant among men [at 7% for 16-44 year-olds*], it has increased markedly among women. Although a minority of women have reported sex with another woman, that proportion increased from 4 per cent in 1990 to 16 per cent in 2010 and 2012," she said.

Asked whether this four-fold increase was real or an artefact of the survey, she added: "I think it's too big to be simply an artefact of reporting. We can see signs in the media that there have been changes in the representation of women. There have been celebrities who have apparently embraced same-sex experiences. We do see women kissing together and so on."

Daily Star: The survey said we're having less sex
• Here is it all broken down into a series of supercool infographics.

There's probably no survey more unreliable than a sex survey - people will lie either way; the disconnect between the number of sexual partners men (12) and women (8) claim is typical of these things, and hilariously telling (Here's NATSAL's methodology).
Another warning sign is that almost a third of men claim they haven't had a wank in the last four weeks.
Yeah, right.
This all does seem to support Fagburn's theory that British people don't really like doing it much.
The overall percentage for men who reported having had "same-sex experience with genital contact" is 5% - and not 7-8%.*
But the figure for men who said they'd had "at least one male sexual partner in the past five years" - genital or not - is just 2.6% (2.9% for 16-24s).
Fagburn is not sure how other people define "sex".

* This was the first survey that asked people aged 45 and over about their sex lives - I know not why - which brings the total male average ever ever ever having had gay sex - or "contact" (??!) - to 8%.
It's also worth noting 3% of all people refused to answer "intimate" questions.

• Here are all the men's tables.

Do conventional public opinion surveys under-report the proportion of gays and lesbians in the population? And do they underestimate the share of Americans who hold anti-gay views?
A team of researchers from Ohio State and Boston Universities say the answer to both questions is yes...

Thought For The Day: Tom Wells

"As a gay man, you experience low-level homophobia on a day-to-day basis. People take the piss or imitate you or just use gay as a slang adjective, even your friends. It's not weird. It's the accepted form of prejudice. So to go from that to some teenagers kicking you in – it's not a massive leap, actually. I think that the world's a bit more homophobic than you realise if you're straight."
Tom Wells talking to The Independent.

Tom's play Jumpers For Goalposts - about a gay five-a-side football team in Hull - is at the Bush Theatre in that London. 
He sounds so posh Fagurn fears the sequel may be called Jolly Hockey Sticks.

Fagburn Exclusive: No News Today

Maoist sects! Andy Warhol! (Eh?) Payday lenders! Bankers! Lesbians! Sex!
Err, that's about it...

Monday, 25 November 2013

Paul Flowers: It's Political Correctness Gone Mad!

The Daily Mail's gay Uncle Tom, Andrew Pierce, predictably sticks his oar in. 

Also in the Mail today, their new star columnist Dominic Lawson writes; Just tick the right diversity boxes and, hey presto, you can run a major bank.
The liberal conspiracy gets worse...
"But as a member of the ‘LGBT community’, Flowers can somehow be seen as part of an oppressed minority, whom it would be politically incorrect to denounce as a sexual predator..." etc etc.
Yeah, right, that's happened.
Fagburn can't recall seeing a single sentence defending Paul Flowers against  the media lynch mob.
Lawson replaces Melanie Phillips - who left the Mail under something of a cloud recently.
Oddly Phillips has written a rather similar article about Flowers for this week's Spectator; The Revd Paul Flowers ticked all the right 'progressive' boxes — that's why he could get away with anything.
Maybe it would have been easier for the Mail to keep Mad Mel on?

PS Another professional Tory shitbag, Toby Young (no relation), pipes up in the Daily Telegraph;

As for his crimes and misdemeanours, this is where the "smear" really does exceed a Tory spin doctor's wildest dreams. Fined for committing an act of gross indecency in a public toilet in 1981! Forced to resign as a Labour Councillor in 2011 when pornography was discovered on his computer! Caught red-handed by a national newspaper trying to buy crystal meth, crack cocaine and ketamine! Renowned for his use of prostitutes! Engaging in behaviour that even his former rent-boy described as "debauched"! The list goes on and on.
It certainly has the whiff of a smear – the most imaginative, brilliantly designed smear ever cooked up. Miliband's right about that. Trouble is, it's true...

Good to see Toby "Sniff Sniff" Young banging on about Paul Flowers' drug use here...

Will Young: Are We Talking Crap?

I like to think I'm down with youth culture and its slang. Well, a bit anyway. I understand that the word "sick" can mean "cool", and "bare" can mean "a lot". This is pretty much the limit of my knowledge. But I do like to think I can tell the difference between words that have changed their meaning in a quirky but harmless way, and those that have a damaging knock-on effect.

The evolution of the word "gay" is a case in point. Once it meant carefree or merry. Over time it came to be used to describe a sexual orientation. Now – for many at least – it has been appropriated to mean "rubbish" or "crap". So a word that started out meaning "happy" has ended up being used to denigrate. Well, language changes, doesn't it? Many would see no problem with a shift driven by everyday speech...

Will Young in The Guardian.

I'm sure he means well, but Will Young's interventions on this subject seem like a rather embarrassing turn at the St Cake's School Debating Society.
This is but one example of a problem that's general in our culture, where somebody's somewhat banal and quarter-baked thoughts are given weight and taken seriously just because they're a celebrity.
Why ask Will? He's hardly the only gay man in the country who went to a school.
Presumably this is a slightly garbled response to Brendan O'Neill's piece on the Telegraph blog last week; Gay now means rubbish - get over it. 
"The rising use of the word “gay” to mean rubbish has coincided with increased levels of tolerance towards homosexuals among young people," O'Neill wrote. "When I was at school, we never used the word gay to mean rubbish, and yet there was a lot of anti-gay sentiment, reflecting broader anti-gay outlooks in politics and society. Today, the opposite is the case – kids are forever using the word gay to mean rubbish, yet real, genuinely prejudiced anti-gay sentiment is on the wane, both in schools and in society."*
Gay academic Mark McCormack has reached similar conclusions through his research at three British schools, presented in his book, The Declining Significance Of Homophobia: How teenage boys are redefining masculinity and heterosexuality.**
Mark writes here on the need to contextualise how such language is used; Don’t call me homophobic: the complexity of ‘that’s so gay’

Will "Nice But Dim" Young was also in The Sun yesterday.
[Edit: This is clearly now his specialist subject, he's also on Newsnight this evening. I still haven't got over his squirm-inducing appearance on Question Time...].
He suggests calling in the thought police; "It is now time to come down on homophobic language like a ton of bricks."
His Sun article is titled; 23% of young gay people will try suicide.. it's a crisis - Singer's call to end bullying language
This story was filed under Showbiz, natch.
These statistics are highly dubious*** - and, as before, we need to be extremely cautious whenever discussing gay teen suicides; there is much research suggesting ill-thought-out media coverage may actually encourage it. 
But as ever, emotionally potent Cry Homophobia! gay hysteria seems to have trumped a much-needed rational debate.

Will Young, wearing a tea-cosy, and fellow posh gay twat Milo Yiannopoulos.
Clearly BBC  Newsnight's idea of a balanced debate.
* Ironically The Daily Telegraph is the only British newspaper that still tells writers not to use the word "gay", but "homosexual".

** O'Neill acknowledges Stonewall also say this; "Even Stonewall’s own report on the widespread use of the word gay in schools admits that “most of the time it is used unconsciously and without hurtful intent”
See Stonewall's 2012 The School Report - with comments on what school pupils make of all this.
Here Mark McCormack critiques their research and their use of stats for Psychology Today; "The School Report 2012 is a missed opportunity to inform the debate on homophobia in British schools, but the greater concern is that its overwhelmingly negative tone may encourage kids to stay in the closet."

*** By coincidence Fagburn is reading a fascinating, entertaining and thoroughly depressing book on the media's love of dodgy data and statistics; The Numbers Game: The commonsense guide to understanding numbers in the news, in politics and in life. What are the chances of that happening, eh? etc etc.