Friday, 15 November 2013

David Starkey: A Gay Right-Wing Racist Speaks Out On How Black People Don't Play By Our Rules

"How appropriate is it to hold the Commonwealth conference? I mean, here we are picking on Sri Lanka as a particularly bad example of human rights.* If I remember correctly it's almost half the members of the Commonwealth more-or-less outlaw homosexuality. In other words, this is an organisation where apart from a handful of members of the old WHITE Commonwealth, they don't do things as we do - it's simple as that."

David Starkey, Any Questions.

Astonishing he got away with this loathsome racist shit - though Dr Starkey appears to be making a career out of being a loathsome racist shit - but this neo-imperial narrative about how homophobia is a product of countries that are - unlike our fantastic selves - "backwards", "uncivilised" etc has now become "common sense".

* Estimated Tamil deaths in Sri Lankan civil war 40,000-70,000. Caring David Cameron left the Commonwealth summit to sell more arms to Gulf State despots...

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