Saturday, 14 December 2013

BBC: Hashtag Trending Etc

The issue of gay rights has trended worldwide several times this week - following developments on legislation regarding same-sex relationships in a number of countries.

India's Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated a ban on same-sex partnerships after a four-year period of decriminalisation. The court ruled that only India's parliament could change Section 377, which describes a same-sex relationship as an "unnatural offence" that is punishable by a 10-year jail term. Hashtags about the ruling trended on Twitter, including:#sec377 #scrap377 and #LGBT.

In Australia, legislation allowing gay marriage in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) was overturned. Meanwhile in Russia, gay rights groups are calling for increased pressure on the International Olympic Committee ahead of next year's Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.*

#BBCtrending's Anne-Marie Tomchak investigates the social media tactics being used by LGBT supporters.

BBC News.

"But does social media have a real direct impact on moving the debate forward?"


* They then show that butt-awful video, which was not made in Russia, and is based on a hysterical fiction.

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