Thursday, 26 December 2013

Ben Cohen: Gay Icon?

If he's such a great "gay icon" and "straight ally" why does he only give out 10% of the money his foundation makes?

PS Fagburn has asked the Ben Cohen Stand-up Foundation to explain their accounts, but after initially engaging no reply to this question comes.
Happy if they want to clear this matter up.

PS There is absolutely no evidence of ill-intent or wrongdoing by anyone.


  1. Is there a link to more on this accusation?

  2. The link above with his published accounts.

  3. Thanks, the link has changed since I looked earlier. Very interesting, hoping no one has bought me his overpriced calendar.

  4. There might be a feeling of not wanting to rock the boat and just let him get away with pocketing most of the money so as not to stop other people from following in his footsteps; but that doesn't even stand up to scrutiny.
    Maybe because he's straight and hot, the gay media roll over, as it were. It's very easy to sell their product with an item about Cohen attached, one imagines. So they don't do their job and just turn a blind eye to what basically seems like corruption (is there like a minimum percentage a charity has to donate before it can be considered a charity, I wonder? Otherwise it seems a little odd if someone can collect a million pounds, say, donate a pound to charity and then be legally considered a charitable foundation - there must be a minimum; as a side topic, I wonder what the worst charities are and what percentage of their income they actually donate - there must be overheads to cover, so to put the above into context, I wonder what percentage the better, more honest charities give of their income?) - either way, it's pathetic...

  5. I would find any charity that doesn't give at the very least 50% of its income to those they're collecting for, a bit shitty and exploitative. Anything less clearly suggests the apparent recipients the charities collect for are less important than the charity's profits.
    But just giving 10% to those who they claim to collect for and to help is astonishingly meagre.

    Why aren't ANY of the gay media - who, you know, call me naive, but I think their main priority should be gay people and gay interests and therefore reporting exploitation of same - why aren't any of them investigating and reporting on this?
    If we don't have an effective news media then we're fucked. They should be fucking ashamed of themselves...