Friday, 20 December 2013

BT: You've Got A Sexuality?

Maureen Lipman of 'You've got an ology!' fame
Internet provider BT has a parental control feature which allows parents to prevent their children visiting websites which promote “gay and lesbian lifestyles”.

The information is contained on a page on BT’s website which provides information for parents on ‘blocking categories for parental control‘.

The function also allows parents to block information relating to “respect for a partner, abortion, gay and lesbian lifestyle, contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy”.

Interestingly, BT has no filter available to prevent children accessing material relating to a ‘straight lifestyle’. Nor an explanation as to what a ‘gay lifestyle’ is, nor why BT is keen to pander to the sorts of parents who wish to pretend that homosexuality is a form of deviance.

Also, what prompted the folks at BT to think “I know, let’s create a feature which allows parents to block access to sires promoting respect for their partner”?

Baffling and outrageous.

Left Foot Forward.

What fuckwittery!

Why would someone want to let their kid anywhere near a computer unless they realised it was a wonderful way of learning about... stuff?

This is where David Cameron's stupid "porn block" has got us.

The kids are letting BT know how they feel about this by tweeting @btcare.

PS Are you one of those rare bizarre and depraved young people who are interested in sex? Want to bypass Cameron's porn filter? Go here.


  1. Section 28 by the backdoor?

    The whole thing is bizarre. Presumably parents will have a choice of whether to block or not.Some will, some won't rendering it pretty ineffective and creating a dual class of children, some unenlightened and others not. And I guess that suits Tory idealogy.

  2. Basically, this parental control feature is just a technical way of stopping 'propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships'. How clever of the UK government. And then it has the gall to lecture countries like Russia.

  3. @kidd Would that be the Tory lead goverment that legalised same-sex marriage? You are just an ill-informed bigot.

  4. Our last respondent seems not to have heard of the phrase 'give with one hand, take with the other', as that is what our supposedly enlightened Tory-lead government is doing.