Saturday, 21 December 2013

Daily Telegraph: Not Gay

The Daily Telegraph is the only British newspaper whose style guide still advises against using the word 'gay'.
So today we get a whole new word... 'non-heterosexuals'!

Can't be arsed to go through this cliché-ridden vomitorium about the gays and sport line by inane line.
But yes, the writer does use the words 'last taboo'.
And Justin Fashanu.
As ever though, the DT reader comments are an absolute hoot!

Daley didn't 'out' himself - he merely confirmed what has long been suspected. Many of the male 'athletes' in these artistic 'activities', such as diving, figure skating, etc. are homosexual, in the same way that many/most males in ballet are homosexual. In itself, this is not an issue, but when they start banging on about, then it becomes a concern. They will compete in Sochi, without hinderance on the part of the Russian authorities

Given the sexual preferences of 95% of the male population, we could call ourselves 'male lesbians', since we share the same delights and desires of our sexual partners. Does this make us more acceptable to the 'gay brigade'?

Update: "Non-heterosexuals" has now been changed to "homosexuals" - another small victory for Fagburn.

New comment; "I believe that homosexuality is wrong, un-natural & disgusting.Do not try to drown out my opinions by screaming "homophobe" at me."

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  1. This has turned into a heated debate among the sub-editor community on me Twitter...