Sunday, 29 December 2013

Fagburn: Post Christmas Filler

In the absence of any news today, and cause I couldn't be arsed to turn up for work, Fagburn has asked his new intern Rupert Posh-Idiot to compile a list of his favourite gay numbers of 2013.

1. 1 - Edgy! If you like numbers check this 'one' out!

2. 7 - Supercool! 7 was the talk of Shoreditch this year, grandad.

3. 4 - Take that Putin! 4 is the new 1!

4. 2 - One for all the gay lovers out there! Let's all be gaysoldiers and get gaymarried! #sobrave.

5. 6 - Crazy! 6 is literally mentally ill! Kboosh!



  1. Looks like somebody forgot to open the last few windows in his advent meds tray.

    #itsallpointless #doit

  2. No. 5 is completely ignored!! There's only one word for it, homophobia!!.