Thursday, 12 December 2013

India: Ban

"Today is a great day for prejudice and inhumanity and a bad day for law and love. But law develops and love is resilient and prejudice will be beaten back.

"I wasn't a criminal yesterday but I'm certainly a criminal today… But I do not propose to take the permission of their lordships when deciding who to love and who to make love with."

Vikram Seth.

Always good to see people protesting against injustice - not sure if this "ban" will actually change anything though.
Oh empire! Will your legacy ever end?
[And the Indian government have said they'll overturn it].

Yes, that's how I usually feel afterwards, too.

Times Of India.

PS BBC News UK/US press round-up - and on the Indian media's support for decriminalisation. 

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  1. Does this mean we're boycotting The Bangalore Palace now?!