Saturday, 28 December 2013

Peter Tatchell: What He Sees In The Mirror (Which He Does Quite A Lot)

I've never viewed myself as either handsome or ugly, just plain and average. The strain of 46 years of almost nonstop campaigning, few holidays and hundreds of arrests, death threats and violent assaults have taken a toll. I used to look 10 years younger than my age. Now I look the age I am – 61.

I have some brain and eye injuries from the bashings by Mugabe's thugs and neo-Nazis in Moscow. My vision is now impaired. Most of my teeth have been cracked by the many bashings. The dentist has reconstructed them, so they look OK.

I don't take much care of my appearance. I've never used beauty products and don't follow fashion. My diet is healthy – lots of water, fruit, vegetables and multivitamins – plus a daily workout at home (60 push-ups, 120 sit-ups). I'm having trouble adjusting to being in my 60s as I feel about 25. I've still got pecs and a six-pack and can bound up four flights of stairs.

I am too thin: my BMI is 17. I eat huge amounts but burn it off with stress and the long hours I work – usually 14–plus a day, seven days a week. Being a non-meat eater, I struggle to get enough protein. My other battle is with sleep; I need eight hours but usually have only five or six. In the middle of a campaign I may get only three. Hence my sometimes drawn appearance. But I am content with the way I look.

The Guardian.

Just hilarious,

I swear this is a real thing and not one of my piss-takes..

Saint Peter lives on nuts and berries, gets only one hour sleep a day after all that campaigning (ie sending out press releases about himself), and has great pecs, but he doesn't like to talk about how great he is. 


  1. Some (=at least one) of your fans would love to read Fagburn's In the Mirror answers...

  2. Give him a break. If you campaign you need publicity. He's mad but he does some good. Focus on what needs to be done. Getting rid of him is not a top priority.

  3. I know of another 61 year old who also feels the need to make light of his six pack... His name is Vladimir Putin

  4. Your comments about Peter revolts me. He has worked tirelessly on your behalf and on behalf of the LGBTQ community. He never backed down wehne others hid in their chintz sitting rooms only dreaming of what he helped make a reality.

    1. And if he didn't stop going on about how wonderful he is we may not have realised...